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as of January 18th,-2018
You know how cold it has become, so make the most of any ice appearing :-)
Talkin Tarn, Yew Tree Tarn, Watendlaith and Derwent water, plus parts of Ullswater will secumb any time now.

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on January 18th,-2018
Our "Special Feature" page is now showing a new subject involving warm & cold water and for men, stainless steel on your face !? :-) Go to the Special Features for more.
September 2017 + River Treasure

River treasure & lake treasure can be found across the lake district, its just a matter of working through this website to discover where it may be!
Below, we have entered a link that will thrill all treasure seekers to bits and for the prospective new divers may prove inspirational.

Just remember that treasure comes in many forms in the lakes & its rivers, from sighting rare fish to finding go-pros, iphones, jewellery, money and weapons of every description, some small, some large, but more often than not you'll always enjoy the local gold nectar called beer with a few friends - enjoy this YouTube link to Jake Koehler on the Chattahoochee River, Columbus, GA.
BSAC NW Announcement

We are organising a dive on the River Leven on Sunday 26th February 2017. So far there are about 10 BSAC clubs from the North West who have expressed an interest in attending (although obviously this will be weather permitting). Further details are on the BSAC NW site or can be found here:
January 2017

Lakeland treasure discovered in Derwent water.
Its just been announced that a Vendace has been caught on film by a remote Sub camera in Derwent water.
I have seen Vendace in Ullswater, which i reported many years ago in the Pooley Bridge area and that maybe this suggests they are not quite as rare, especially if other lakes hold them too?
Winter time is a cold and dark time in the lakes and offers the best chance to see any fish as they become less active.
The lakes cover a large area of this County so please help others by reporting any changes no matter how small.
Website News for Jan 2017

Found anything new or changed?

The lakes cover a large area of this County so please help others by reporting any changes no matter how small.

Anything goes: often the Police will place notices attached to trees, gates or fencing, stating that we are not to dive that particular area, or logging operations that will be signed with start and end dates with certain car parks being used and placed out of commission.
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News for Nov 2016

Its Snowing :-)

Its early days, but Nov. 18th has seen the 1st snow fall over the lake district this year.
Are we in for a white winter with plenty of ice diving this year, and into next ?
Website News for Nov 2015


Helena Fairfax came to the Lake District to meet Penrith Divers as part of her research into cold water diving. It is knowledge that she will be uing in her latest book.
Penrith Divers performing a dive, while she took details of the cold water procedures and discussions about what we see, how it felt, and what we get up to down, there in a freshwater lake.

The book took longer in writing, mainly due to a re-write of certain sections involving a dramatic incident that was felt to be too distressful. The book is currently being considered by publishers.

Helena is an author of Romance Novel's and short stories, with here latest hero being a cold water diver, but to find out more you'll need to visit our "Special Features" page :-)
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We agree that Facebook and similar offerings are at least a simpler way of having a personal internet presence.
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