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Monthly updated Dive News From Cumbria's Lakes.

Would all Dive club participants in our Website please check the "Air" & "Scuba Directory" pages to ensure we have your latest details. A lot of you have understandably changed your web address's and email contact details. I note that the Governing bodies have not got your latest details either!!

Local Buds -Your Attention Please

Okay local buds - please get those contact details to and lets help those new prospective buds to throw a party and book a try-a-dive before the end arrives? Email me with the new details - many thanks - and have fun out there in 2017/18 !!

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Webmaster Paul loves this website with lots of fascinating scuba TV on your PC http://www.divezero.tv/

Branches of the BSAC, ScotSac Ltd and other organisations should check our "Air" page to ensure that all their contact details are correct. Any changes to your phone numbers or email addresses should be given to the Freshwaterdiver Webmaster please.
It's in your interests to do so !!

For Diving information on the lake district you can e-mail us using "".

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Simply email us and ask to be put on the mail out list and we'll send you all the latest news.

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Around the Clubs

Penrith Divers Congratualtions to Penrith Sub Aqua who have a really fresh, clean and easy to nav website. Penrith are possibly one of the fastest growing clubs just now. They are also famed for having helped Helena Fairfax on 28th Sept 2014.
Helena is a Romance Author, who was doing research about her latest character, her 'hero' diver, in her new novel, to be released in Jan / Feb 2015.

Dumfries Divers use the Dumfries Olympic size pool for their training and the Scottish west coast for their diving. They also have more RiBs per member than any other club in the Cumbria / Dumfrieshire regions.

Solway Sub Aqua Club dive Hodge Close and Crummock Water.

Border Reivers no news coming from Reivers. Hope all is well buds.

Carlisle Sub Aqua club very active club. They like to dive far away places like Truk Lagoon and Egyptian locations along the Red Sea, but on most weekends they have to settle for the East and West coasts of Scotland.

Carlisle Sub Aqua club meet on Mondays at the Currock Community Centre, 7.30 pm then move to Carlisle's Trinity Swimming Pool (back of Carlisle College), for 8.30 pm.

West Cumbria BSAC are out in Wastwater each week. Members of their club are also with BDMLR and currently rescuing seals and dolphins in the Solway firth. Note: This website is now running on minimal thanks to Allan S.Wallace.

West Cumbria BSAC meet at Egremont on Thursday at 8pm in Wyndham School Pool, followed by The Falcon Club for 9pm, in Croadella Ave, Egremont. Sorry no post codes for the sat navs given.

Furness Diving Club have a quality website FurnessDivingClub, plus they won a BSAC branch award in 2013.
They meet up each Sunday at 10am at Lightburn Rd, Ulverston, next to the railway station.

They then head off to Coniston or Windermere.
photo of Furness divers (Left to right - whathisname, Webmaster Paul, Mike & Daz).
I've been with these buddies on Ullswater whilst they enjoy some fine ratching.
They set up base at Park Foot Camp Site for the weekend, which also offers easy access to the lake around the historic Pooley Bridge end of this lake. A video will be placed on YouTube and on the Park Foot dive site page shortly.

Neal from the Furness club advises to phone them 1st, if you wish to team up or get some air, just in case things change. Please see the Air & Clubs page.

Penrith SSAC meet at Penrith Pool on Wednesdays at 6 pm for a night dive followed by lectures in the Nearby RAFA club by 9pm, and then on Sunday at 10am for a fill at Penrith Pool, followed by a dive on Ullswater.
Their favourite over-seas destination is Sharm on the Red Sea. Other favs are the exotic UK east coast, Eyemouth, St Abbs, etc. for a spot of dive exploration around this amazingly rugged area.

Do you have some lakeland news to share with your fellow buddies in Cumbria?

Yours faithfully - Webmaster: Paul Renucci
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