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Brockhole: Site 3
Getting Here (in detail)
From the M6, come off at junction 36 and follow the A590 but watch where it actually peels off to the left - follow the signposted "A591 Windermere" road. This will take you through Windermere. Now heading for Ambleside - don't worry, you'll see the signs but it is A591 all the way for you. You will lose sight of the lake for a short while but soon head back where on your left is the "Brockhole" National Park sign. Turn in here if you spot the big blue sign that is - some miss it!! If not, the next big place is the Marina, but if you pass by the Marina - turn around and watch for Brockhole again.

Parking is in the "Brockhole" National Park Authority car park (photo a). No problem parking during winter but summer time will see this fill quickly.

Parking charges as at May 2012 are:
Up to 1 hour £3.00
Up to 4 hour £4.00
Worth the money for the walks, view and toilets.

Check out the photo of the map (photo b) and decide if this walk is too long. About 400 metres we estimate.

First you have to make your way along the outer circular path passing stately gardens and on your right side, the impressive house the hill which is Brockhole (photo c). You'll soon hear and see the water. You then go through a gate and immediately on your left is the entry point (photo d). Once you get down here, you have a shingle shore line and some large rocks underneath to negotiate.

Because of the nearby Water Sports Centre/Marina, this was an area in which high speed boats and cruisers used to fly by - but is now more tranquil due to the speed limit imposed by the National Trust at the end of March in 2005. The lake shoreline is literally all owned by individuals with little public access to the lake side. There are some exceptions such as this National Park Authority property but give the manager a call first please. Permission must be sought from the National Park manager for this site, as this property and land belongs to them. You will be asked about your shore cover plan and your SMB usage. They will be listening to what safety measures you are taking - strobes, torches, phones etc.

The Dive - Site a: Heading west.

Heading out will take you down a steep slope which bottoms out at 50 metres if you go out that far! No one has dived this site to the best of our knowledge and that includes us. Personally, I suggest dropping to 30 metres where there could be some nice rock formations jutting out. At 30 metres head north for the peir and any booty that lies below it. I estimate about 10 minutes finning should see you in the neighbourhood of the pier (Media photo d) so ascend gradually up the lakebed and into the shallows (3 metres ok?) before surfacing to take a look at where you are. (I suggest 3 metres because this should keep you clear of surface traffic at this site) Have a ratch about and enjoy a pleasant return dive.

dive site b: Choose your destination and go for it. On first glance the pier makes for an obvious fin too location but heading down, south, may prove equally fascinating although no one knows yet what lies below at this site. To boldly go! - let me know.

Hazards to Divers
Because of the depth here it's worth checking you are set up for freshwater buoyancy.
Also listen out for the regular ferry service boats coming alongside the pier if under there or for that matter if they are overhead - just be aware. Ferry sailings are on a large display board by the pier.

Needless to say with the above that you really need to have an SMB in tow.

Barrow-In-Furness are the experts on this lake, so do give them a call of check out our website pages "Air & Clubs" or "Scuba Directory".

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Diving at Brockhole, by Freshwaterdiver

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