photo of Millerground pier and lake area
Millerground: Site 4
Getting Here (in detail)
First make your way to Windermere - now get your OS map out !!
From the Ambleside end you want to stay on the A591. As you approach the outskirts of Windermere you come to a small roundabout, turn right onto the A592, taking you toward the lake (the other roads take you away). About 1 mile ahead you will come across a corner with a layby wrapped around it - its the only one like this and your destination for the next few hours.

From the south (Newby Bridge end) come up the A592 towards Windermere. Near Windermere you'll pass by the Ferry Nab Marina on your left, shortly after this, you'll come to a small frantic roundabout, take the 1st road on the left. This takes you along the lake, past the Steam Boat museum, and then watch for the layby on your leftside wrapped around the corner. Pull in, you are now here at Millerground!

Parking is by the main road in the 8 car layby. (photo a)

Check out if this walk is too long. About 200 metres we estimate - downhill all the way - and as with the Beech Wood site, a killer for your legs on the way back after that dive.

From the car park which can hold 8 cars, you go through the gate and head down the path - past the nice waterfalls on your right - over a small bridge (photo b) and onto the shoreline (photo c). dont forget to use the the drop down links at the top of this page!

Once you get down here, you have a shingle shore line and boat houses.

Dinghy, canoe and wind surf clubs use this site, also outdoor activity centres, so have a chat with those down here before jumping in.

This National Park Authority property suggests giving the manager a call first please. He/she may ask about your shore cover plan and your SMB usage. They will be listening to what safety measures you are taking - strobes, torches, phones etc but there should be no problem.

The Dive
This is a large area to play around in. With some nice spoils sitting on silt for you.

Heading out will take you down a gentle slope which bottoms out at 40 metres if you have time and air to get out that far!
For the most part you will be in 10 to 20 metres with a silt bottom.
Ratching around the mooring points on your return trip may see you collect an assortment of pliers, screw drivers and other seemingly disposable tools here :-)

Should you find a set of car keys, they belong to one of the "Windermere Outdoor Activity Centre" instructors - so have a heart and hand them back in please. They would also be grateful if you could return to them any Windsurf straps, stiffeners, bits and bobs, that pupils have lost out here.
Windermere Outdoor Activity Centre is on Rayrigg road, Windermere, LA23 1BP, offering kayaking, windsurfing and sailing lessons. Telephone 01539 447183. Happy hunting buds!

Happy hunting buds!

Hazards to Divers
Because you may be planning a deep water dive here - though not recommended due to time and distance involved, it's always worth checking you are set up for freshwater buoyancy.

Although the steam ferry boats will not bother you - SILENT windsurfers and yachts may give grief if you fail to deploy your SMB. So get your sterilising fluid out and give your SMB the love it deserves :-)

Needless to say with the above, that you MUST (I stress again) deploy an SMB.

As with most lakes and tarns - silt can be a hazard if stirred up, so a torch is necessary with strobe recommended.

Barrow-In-Furness are the experts on this lake, so do give them a call by using our "Air & Clubs" or "Scuba Directory" pages to get their contact details.

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