photo of Fell Foot park and lake area on Windermere
Bowness Pier
About this event
This is a cross organisation event and open to all qualified divers.

How do I get involved ?
You must apply using this email address - you will then be sent full details about the event:-

Quote: "Equipment. Please bring: · All of your usual cold water diving gear · Lights for the night dive · Knife, as some sites have fishing lines, old mooring ropes and general entanglement risks · Mesh goody bag/s · SMB · First aid kit, spares, tools As many cylinders as possible! The diving will be shallow and I think we'll easily get two dives per cylinder. We don't have a compressor on site and the closest air fills are at Capernwray Dive Centre, an hour's drive. We can organise van runs to Capernwray and they are standing by for this. Kendal and Lakes SAC are bringing all of their extra cylinders and I'll do the same. So it would be great if everyone could bring as many cylinders as possible to help keep things moving through the day".

Getting Here (in detail)
The following website link gives you information at the Paul Rose' website:

Quote: "Arrival and parking: HQ is the Lake District Boat Club. Come here on arrival and register. You'll see that it's right on the Glebe at Bowness and is a perfect HQ site. It will be marked by Windermere Debris Dive banners and dive flags. The team and I will be there to meet you, so you'll find it with no problem. HQ is the home for Debris Dive team coordination, first aid, communications, media, partner and support organisations And it's a warm friendly place with tea and food!"

Multi site diving with removal of debris and algae sampling if you wish to give it a go!

Who else is involved?
Quote: "Science: We'll be contributing to marine science by collecting algae samples from the debris. The Freshwater Biological Association on Lake Windermere will hand out syringe bodies (no need for needles) for those that would like to participate. Then on the dive we suck some debris into the syringe, record location and depth and hand it back in at HQ. Allan Pentecost from the FBA will be at each briefing to issue the syringes to those who want to participate and explain the science work. Invasive species: Bio-security is something that is in the front of our minds if we are lucky enough to go to remote regions, but it's easy to forget it here in the UK. I know that as divers we are probably more aware of this issue than the general public. So this is an opportunity for us to help those groups who are working in this important area. Rebecca Corrie-Close from SCRT will be at HQ providing information on bio-security and invasive species issues. As we all know - wash, dry and clean your dive gear, boats, boots and trailers after use and especially when moving between different parts of the country or overseas. HQ action: NGO's, charities, government agencies, local initiatives, dive shops and clubs are coming and most will display information, give short talks and provide entertainment in and around HQ. If you would like to bring information about your club, dive shop or activities then please bring it".

also involved are organisations like South Lakeland Council, Police etc.

Non diving family members not on shore cover can enjoy the delights this area has to offer, or they maywish to help out as volunteers at the HQ :-)

Regretfully, we cant be there as Saturday is our busiest day :-((((
. . . someone has to work while you lot are enjoying yourselves :-(

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Bowness Pier - Windermere

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