Yew Tree Tarn
photo of Yew tree tarn and swans
Yew Tree tarn
How to get here
As per main page details. If you miss this one - you should check in with a doctor!

The road passes within a few feet of this tarn. You' cant miss the lay-by along side the tarn.

This is a local beauty spot with gentle walks for non-diving members of the family. Swans and ducks (photo a) will keep the kids on the run. Maximum depth circa 3 metres. Autumn and Winter offers the best visibility, but due to altitude during the winter you may find this road is impassable because of snow.

The Dive
The tarn may not appeal to too many divers since she has only 3 metres maximum on offer, but for trainees looking for a second dive and a bit of altitude practice this may prove to be ideal.
For your first dive, enjoy a dip in Hodge followed by Yew Tree tarn for an easy entry.

Hazards to Divers
When entering shallow water a few feet deep you may get your behind jabbed or even bitten by the swans - you are just a big prize fish to them :-)

Just under 200 metres above sea level means she is one of the first, 'easy access tarns', to freeze up in winter.

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Diving Yew Tree tarn, by Freshwaterdiver

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