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Welcome to the Forest of Dean and Amateur Radio

Mallards Pike Lake

Amateur Radio

My unique Amateur Radio Call-Sign is (GØSDD). I have been a licensed Amateur since December, 1990, progressing from the Novice license (2EØABH) to the A License which included a Morse Code (CW) Test of 12 wpm.

I operate mainly with the morse code mode (CW), but also fone (voice), PSK31 (Digimode).

There are four main Voice over IP software systems and details are shown on the Ham radio Page, plus links to more detailed websites and there are 8 authorised operating bands in the Amateur Radio Spectrum

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Forest of Dean

The Forest of Dean is unique in it's qualities, it is steeped in history and has a fairly recent past of coal mining, iron works, charcoal burning and a network of railways which ceased in the early 1960's serving the many industries. I have dedicated a page to the village of St Briavels, because (a) it is the place of my birth and (b) it has a great deal of interesting history attached to it, particularly in relation to the Forest of Dean.

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