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The climate is made up of “weather” whether it is nice out depends on whether it is raining or not. A wether is just a castrated sheep.

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The Jet Stream

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(1)Jetstream passing north of the UK bringing settled, dry and warm weather

(2)Jetstream passing further south, causing weather that is unsettled and cool for the time of year

Jet stream to blame for poor summer

Here is what Michael Fish, Retired BBC weather forecaster had to say about the Jetstream on July 16th 2004.

Most people cannot have failed to notice that the weather has been generally overcast and dull lately. But before everyone writes off summer and mumbles something about global warming, let me explain why.

Temperatures in Bournemouth on Thursday did not get above 20C High in the sky above the United Kingdom, in a layer of the Earth's atmosphere called the troposphere, wind speeds can reach 200mph.

This ribbon of high altitude high speed wind is known as the polar jet stream, and is responsible for steering weather in our direction. To bring us the summer we are longing for, the jet stream needs to pass to the north of the UK.

This allows the Azores High, an area of high pressure situated in the mid-Atlantic, to bring us warm and settled weather. Think back far enough and you may recall that most of the UK had beautifully settled weather for much of May and the first half of June. Michael Fish.

The Jetstream-Click on the picture for the latest forecast/position of the JET STREAM for the UK & Europe

Jet Stream

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Jet Stream

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