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Where does the radio phrase "Ham" originate?

There are a number of definitions given, so you takes your choice. This is my preferred version: The word HAM is derived from the initial letter of each of three pioneers of Radio; Hertz, Armstrong and Marconi.
Heinrich H ertz helped to develop the theory of electromagnetic waves. Hertz even detected them with a spark.

Edwin Howard Armstrong started as a teenager as a radio amateur and was a star student in electrical engineering at Columbia. In 1912 he figured out how to improve the audion dramatically. In 1914 Armstrong demonstrated his idea to the Marconi Company, where David Sarnoff realized its importance.
Guglielmo Marconi used sparks to create radio waves. He grew up in Italy the son of an Italian father and a Scotch-Irish mother. In 1899 Marconi successfully linked England and France across the English channel (where there was already a cable)--more significant was transmission from ships. Marconi transmitted signals across the Atlantic in 1901.

Ethics and Operating Procedures for all Radio Amateurs.

Download a PDF file for info on Operating Ethics.

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Solar Cycle 24

Click on the Sun for up-to-date Sunspots

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The latest Solar information

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Find all the Satellites here


Spaceweather News

Spaceweather.com Website

Astronomy WebSite showing the ISS(International Space Station, Amateur Radio Satellites and many more)[Just click on Space Station]
Visible Passes 10-Days


How about a Sea Water Antenna!!
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sea water antenna

Download a PDF file for info on WSPR.

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K1JT WebSite
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sea water antenna


Weak Signal Propagation Reporting Website

Morse Code

code key

MP3 CQ Serenade
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CQ Serenade
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code key

C-.-. Q--.- C-.-. Q--.-

The Amateur Radio song cq serenade

English vocal version, Words and music are by the late Maurice Durieux VE2QS and VE2BR and played by VE2QS and his orchestra with vocal by Joyce Hahn. it was produced around 1951.

There was also a French vocal version, words and music by the late Maurice Durieux VE2QS and F9KT and Played by VE2QS and his Orchestra. Sung in French by Raymond Girerd

Finally there was an Instrumental version, also played by Maurice Durieux VE2QS and his Orchestra

Amateur radio operators use the very reliable Morse Code, while others use voice. Morse code signals (beeps) often get through when voice transmissions cannot. If your interest is Morse Code, as mine is, I suggest that you look at the "FISTS" website by clicking on the FISTS Logo above.


TWanger Morse Key!!
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Morse Key

Summits on the Air (SOTA)

Check out the website via the Sota Logo

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International Short Wave League

Check out the website via the ISWL LOGO

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Web Software Defined Radio(WebSDR)

A WebSDR is a Software-Defined Radio receiver connected to the internet, allowing many listeners to listen and tune it simultaneously.
SDR technology makes it possible that all listeners tune independently, and thus listen to different signals;
this is in contrast to the many classical receivers that are already available via the internet.

Click on display to enter the website

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Radio Society of Great Britain

UK Amateur Radio Band Plans
Links to the
Radio Society of Great Britain

Band Plans

RSGB Band Plans


Listen live to Overseas Radio

**CONNECT LIVE** Country City Content Player WebSite
Australian Radio Guide Australia Internet Media/News/Music Media Player Australian Radio Guide
New Zealand Radio Guide New Zealand Internet Media/News/Music Media Player New Zealand Radio Guide
United States Radio Guide United States Internet Media/News/Music Media Player United States Radio Guide
European Radio Guide Europe Internet Media/News/Music Media Player European States Radio Guide
Canadian Radio Guide Canada Internet Media/News/Music Media Player Canadian States Radio Guide
World Radio Guide Internet Media/News/Music Media Player WorldRadio Guide
Modern Jazz Sky FM Modern Jazz Windows Media Player
Smooth Jazz Sky FM Smooth Jazz mp3 Real Player Sky FM
80s Hits Sky FM 80s Hits mp3 Real Player Sky FM
70s Hits Sky FM 70s Hits mp3 Real Player Sky FM

Listen live to CBC[Canada] Local Stations

Access all the local Canadian CBC stations from CBC website

Launch BBC Radio Player

BBC Radio Player

Launch BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer

Vintage Radio and Community Radio

Sounds of the 1950's Vintage Radio Programmes

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1950's Radio Programmes

old time radio

These are Wave Files

Noteable and Distinguished Amateur Radio Operators

Download a PDF file for List.

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QRZ.com Callsign Look-up

QRZ callsign lookup:
Callsign lookups provided by qrz.com

" Apply your mouse to the Antenna for QRZ LINK to my call-sign"

QSL Card

Link to G7KPF-Andy's WebSite

All about Antenna Basics and much more

visit VK2TIP's Antenna Basics Page


Below is the club Coat of Arms for the Living Well Tae Kwon Do Club at Gatwick
Check out the website now-via the Coat of Arms

coat of arms-visit Living well Taekwondo

Taekwondo has nothing remotely to do with Amateur Radio to the best of my knowledge, but it's a great sport and my nephew Derek (Del) has a lot to do with Taekwondo at the Gatwick Club.

Originally developed as a means of self-defence, Taekwondo has developed into a competitive sport while still retaining the traditional background that martial arts are known for.

Literally translated, Taekwondo means "the way of striking with hand and foot."Benefits of studying Taekwondo include improved physical condition, confidence, and discipline. After years of training, the entire body can be used to defend against attacks from any direction or height.

Techniques learned in Taekwondo are used in sport competition, demonstrations, and in life-threatening situations.

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