Here are details of the ARAC 4m Transverter
This project was originally conceived in about 1995 by members of the Andover Radio Amateurs club. The design concept was to produce a well documented, simple project to enable members to get on the amateur 4m (70MHz) band. The Transverter was designed to be driven by a 28MHz (10m) amateur transceiver or by a CB radio. This latter approach offering a very low cost solution but one restricted to FM only. Whilst the preferred option for “prime mover” is a multi mode 10m rig it is also possible to drive the transverter from a 145MHz “prime mover” with some changes to the oscillator and mixer stages and with the addition of a trap to further reduce the 75Mhz local oscillator signal from the transverter output. As the project is now quite old, the documentation was not all generated in the most convenient formats for posting on the internet. Circuit diagrams for example have had to be printed, scanned and converted to .gif format. The main body of the manual is in .rtf format. It should be possible to download the files, which are listed below, by “right clicking” on them then using "Save Target as". If you need to communicate with the author you will find my e-mail address in graphic (not machine readable) form on my home page.
The ARAC 4m Transverter PCB component side The ARAC 4m Transverter solder side The board is 122mm x 98mm

Circuit Diagram of TX converter
RX Converter circuit diagram
Diagram of Box
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