10 GHz EME
located 51 14'53.1N 1 34'15.6W Maidenhead Locator IO91FF

The 3.7m Antenna had been used in the development of satellite TV systems and was kindly donated to me by Steve G8AKQ. Although set up for the TV band above 10GHz it was found that the feed and waveguide systems work well in the amateur 10GHz band (10368MHz).

The Corrugated Horn Feed The 10GHz Horn and Cassegrain Sub Reflector The horn is fed with circular waveguide with a transition to Rectangular waveguide at the rear The cassegrain sub reflector can be mounted on the new "prime focus" mount which can also accomodate transverters and feeds for the 5.7GHz and 3.4GHz bands (one band at a time).

Listen to an SSB EME QSO between DL0EF and WA7CJO

Polar Diagram at 10 GHz using the Sun as the source
This is a polar plot of the antenna at 10GHz using the sun as the source. The horizontal scale is degrees. After improvements to the feed , the system shows 18dB Sun Noise (quiet sun) and 3.0dB moon noise. TX Power is 18W at the feed.

Listen to half of a CW QSO between F1BLL and G4NNS

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