24 GHz EME
located 51 14'53.1N 1 34'15.6W Maidenhead Locator IO91FF

There has been an extensive rebuild of the 24GHz system transverter at G4NNS to increase power and ease of installation of the system onto the dish when changing from other bands.

The new transverter without TWT PSU The new transverter with TWT PSU
Transverter and PSUs fitted to back of dish. Circular WG inside 10GHz feed
The 24GHz feed horn fits inside the 10GHz feed horn The sub reflector is attached to the prime focus platform with a servo to adjust focus
The WG adapters for the RW1127 TWT have been improved The sliding short has been replaced by a soldered short and tuning screws.

DF1OI Recorded 6th May 2011
OK1KIR Recorded 6th May 2011
LX1DB Recorded 6th May 2011
W5LUA Recorded 6th May 2011
G4NNS EChoes Recorded 12th May 2011
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