Welcome to Dave Kimber's Web Pages

The site now contains five areas:

Here you can find out about Christianity

This is about Audio

The area for Radio

This is an area showing Valve pictures (i.e. radio valves)

This area contains Assorted stuff (e.g. comments on almost anything)

Search Engines

Search engines (e.g. Google, AltaVista, Yahoo), perhaps necessarily, keep the details of their algorithms under wraps. Their search results can sometimes seem arbitrary. It is unpredictable from day to day which, if any, of my pages will appear. So:

  1. If you like my site, please put a link to it from your site. This makes it more likely that search engines will offer it to their users.
  2. If you happen to stumble across this site via a search engine, please add it to your bookmarks/favourites, as next time you search the search engine might have dropped it from the index.
  3. Try to remember to use more than one search engine, as otherwise you may be missing useful content.

Here is a site map, listing all my pages. This site has been constructed using Notepad; my approach to HTML is described here.

Christianity, Audio, Radio, Valve pictures, Anything else

updated 16 June 2009: rejig