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The following data are mainly from census returns, and show: year; addressheadtrade; life event etc
Other sources are BMD certificates, keywords etc.
1992    Lynmere, Buxton Road, Great Moor, Stockport; death of Doris Brown nee Tulip (1 Oct) 
1987    Stockport Infirmary; death of Harry Brown (7 Mar)
1985    Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport; death of Sydney Royle (22 Dec)
1973    32 Roseberry Crescent, Crook, Co.Durham, death of Joseph Anthony Tulip (23 Mar)
1959    45 Carnforth Road, Stockport; death of Helena Brown
1957    Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport; death of William Brown (Dorothy's grandad)
1956    26 West Street, (Brinksway), Stockport; death of Elizabeth Ann Brown nee Jones, Dorothy's grandma
1935    Bosworth Street, Openshaw, Manchester. birth of Geoffrey Royle
1911    29 Woodhall Road, Old Swan, Liverpool, L13 3EE. Edith Maria Phillips; Frederick; John Hay; Eric Robert; Edith Eve; Census; Haggerstone
1911    4 Hallville Road, Seacombe, Wallasey, Birkenhead.  Stewart-Hay-Phillips; Rosa Susannah Hellings; Nurse; shop manager.
1905    82 Higher Temple Street, Chorlton, birth of Sydney Royle. (E Pankhurst was registrar !)
1901    49 Birch Street, Gorton, Manchester.  Robert Brown, mechanical engineer
1901    14 Robert Street, East Manchester, John Henry Barrett
1901    5 Ashley Road, Poole, Dorset.  Stewart Hay Phillips, shop manager
1895    17 George Henry Street, Salford. Elizabeth Dent died
1895    50 West Ashton Street, Salford. Harry Royle, milk dealer
1895    17 George Henry Street, Salford. Helena Brown
1894    May 21 Queen Victoria opened the Manchester Ship Canal
1894    May 12 at Moor House farm, Redworth, nr Heighington, Mary Brown, nee Orton died.
1891    26 St John's Road,  Manchester.  John Royle (jnr), grocer
1891    49 Birch Street, Gorton, Manchester.  Robert Brown, fitter
1891    36 Silver Street, Doncaster. John H. Barrett, compositor, printer
1891    Rhine Lodge, Marton Road, Longlands, Middlesbrough. Henry Winterschladen & Mary Jane (Barrett) and family
1890    2 Prospect Street, West Gorton, Manchester, death of James Dent, joiner
1890    The Towers, Didsbury, death of Daniel Adamson, (13 Jan)
1885    Company Cottages, New Shildon. death of William Brown, engine driver 15 Oct 1882
1883    10 Hume Terrace, Darlington.  Death of Sophia Barrett nee Field, 11 Feb 1883.
1883    Paddle Steamer: Queen of the Bay, Southport. death of David Tidswell, weaver
1881    The Poplars, Liverpool Road, Barton, Eccles. A.V.Roe
1881    26 St. John's Road, Manchester.  John Royle (jnr), greengrocer
1881    49 Birch Street, Gorton, Manchester.  Robert Brown, engine fitter
1881    34 Brunswick Street, Gorton, Manchester.  James Dent, joiner
1881    The Cheshire Cheese public house, Doncaster. John H. Barrett, licenced-victualler & printer
1879    Reddish, Stockport. Isaac Brown = Martha Ann Hibbert, marriage, (23 Mar)
1877    The Holmes, Doncaster, birth of Rosa Susannah Barrett, (6 Jun)
1876    92 Stanhope Street, Westgate, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Helena Brown's birth-place
1875    30 Young Street, Doncaster. John Henry Barrett, printer/compositor
1875    16 The Holmes, Doncaster. Rebecca Harrison (The Cheshire Cheese)
1875    10 Young Street, Doncaster, John Henry Barrett
1875    Marton, Middlesbrough. St Cuthbert's, Mary-Jane Barrett = Henry [aka Heinrich ] Joseph Balthazar Hubert Winterschladen, marriage, (10 Jun)
1874    13 Overgate, Dundee.  Death of Margaret Nicoll (nee Watt) age 60yrs.  Her parents were Andrew Watt coachman and Mary Cook (nee Cook).
1874    St.Mary's, Stockport, marriage of John William Jones and Sarah Ann Parker
1871    41 Birch Street, Gorton, Manchester.  Robert Brown, engine erector
1871    29 Birch Street, Gorton, Manchester.  Browns and Dents
1871    Eldon Terrace, New Shildon, Durham.  William Brown, engine driver
1871    Folly Lane Cottage, Little Haughton, Worsley, Lancashire. John Royle, coal dealer
1871    14 Sarah Ann Street, Gorton, Manchester.  John Royle (jnr), railway guard
1871    24 Young Street, Doncaster.  Barrett
1870    19 Wellington Street, Dundee, Scotland.  Stewart Hay Phillips, birth-place
1869    St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Dundee, Scotland.  Phillips x Nicoll - marriage registration
1867    Christmas Day, Newton-in-Mottram, baptisms, Alice Ann Adamson and Lavinia Adamson
1865    Rose Mount, Newton and Godley, Ashton-under-Lyne, birth of Lavinia Brown (11 Apr)
1863    Eccles, John Royle = Alice Tidswell, marriage (15 Mar)
Folly Lane Cottages, Little Haughton, Worsley, Lancashire. John Royle, coal dealer
1861    College Croft, Barton-upon-Irwell, Eccles, Lancashire. census David Tidswell, silk worker
1861    Old Shildon, Durham. 'Dent'
1861    Church Street, Eccles, Lancashire. Edwin Roe and Annie Verdon, parents of A.V.Roe
1861    30 Young Street, Doncaster.  Frederick Barrett, printer
1861    87 Cleveland (sic) Street, Doncaster. 'Robert Brown, engine fitter; Margaret Longthorn
1861    Doncaster, John Henry Barrett = Elizabeth Lowther, marriage, Young Street, Scot Lane (5 Oct)
1861    Scot Lane, Doncaster. Elizabeth Lowther, daughter of George Lowther, fishmonger
1861    Old Shildon, Durham.  George Brown, moulder
1861    Adelaide Street, Shildon. William Brown, inspector of locomotive engines
1861    Apr 14, death of William Ainley Barber
1857    New Shildon. Robert Brown, engine driver (marriage register)
1857    Old Shildon. Ann Adamson
1855    Slater's Directory, Bishop Auckland. James Dent, joiner, Old Shildon
Folly Lane Cottages, Little Haughton, Worsley, Lancashire. John Royle, cotton weaver
1851    Hallman's Court, Barton-upon-Irwell, Eccles. David Tidswell, silk weaver
1851    Norton Road, Stockton, Durham. Thomas Hackworth, engine builder
1851    Temperance Street, East Thickley, Shildon.  Mary Brown, nee Orton
1851    Old Shildon.  James Dent, joiner
1851    Old Shildon.  John Hackworth, engineer
1851    Old Shildon.  Ann Adamson, innkeeper
1851    1 Appleton's Terrace, aka 1 New Road, Stockport. Daniel (ship canal) Adamson
1851    Little St James Street, Doncaster. Frederick Barrett, printer compositor
1851    June 25, death of John Barber Field - - g.g.g.grandfather
1850    July 7, death of Timothy Hackworth
1841    East Thickley, (New Shildon). William Brown, engineer (daughter Jane's b. registration)
1841    Wooley Bridge, Hadfield, Glossop, Derbyshire.  John Royle, cotton weaver
1841    Barton-upon-Irwell, Lancashire.  David Tidswell, silk weaver
1841    The Elms, Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire.  James Flounders, retired farmer and Elizabeth Orton
1841    All Saints, Hutton Rudby. Graveyard plot no.188, James & Margaret Flounders.
1841    East Thickley, Shildon, Durham.  Robert Brown, engine man
1841    Coundon, Durham.  James Dent, joiner
1841    Old Shildon, Durham.  John Hackworth, engineer (son of Timothy H.)
1841    Shildon Lodge, Old Shildon. Ann Adamson (nee Gibson), innkeeper
1841    Kirkby-cum-Osgodby, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire.  William Harrison, carpenter
1841    Brown Yard, Chesterfield.  Frederick Barrett, printer
1841    Susannah Wilkinson (nee Barrett), William Wilkinson, Highside House [aka Highside Farm], Heighington
1840    Thomas Street, Brinnington. John Royle was born (?)
1839    Shildon. m. James Dent & Elizabeth Adamson, witness Daniel Adamson (age 19)
1837    Swan Street, Brinnington. birth of Margaret Royle
1837    Feb 4, marriage of Frederick Barrett and Sophia Barber, nee Field
1837    Nov 11, birth of Susannah Barrett, daughter of the above.
1836    Dundee, Angus (Forfar). marriage of James Nicoll-x-Margaret Watt
1831    Stockton-on-Tees, St.Thomas. marriage of William Brown-x-Mary Orton (15 Aug)
1835    Jun 8, birth of Thomas Barber, his father died Dec 21.
1835    Dec 21, death of James Barber.
1833    Oct 12, birth of William Ainley Barber
1828    Nov 23, death of Sophia (Crockford) Field
1825    Jan 9, marriage of James Barber and Sophia Field
1820    Shildon, birth of Daniel Adamson (30 Apr)
1818    Shildon, birth of Elizabeth Adamson (24 Feb) g.g.grandmother
1815    birth of James Nicoll (basket maker),
Brechin, Angus
1813    Dundee, Angus, birth of Margaret Watt, parents Andew Watt (coachman) and Mary Cook.
1810    Jan 2, birth of Frederick Barrett, Oxford    
1808    Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire. baptism of Mary Orton, daughter of William and Mary (2 Oct)
1807    Nov 22, baptism of George Crockford Field, son of John Barber Field. More about father and son here (link)
1806    Canterbury, St.Andrew Baptism of Sophia Barber Field; father John Barber Field; mother Sophia Crockford (Jan 5)
1805    Nov 20, birth of Sophia Field, g.g.grandmother.
1805    Nov 6, birth of James Barber
1805-? St. Mary's, Woodkirk, Wakefield, Yorkshire. Hannah Barber died, daughter of Thomas (Officer of Excise) and Molly Barber.
1803    St.Thomas, Stockton-on-Tees, Baptism of William Brown; father George Brown of Ingleton; mother Jane Lamb of Carlton (Oct 30)
1803    Sept 25, marriage of John Barber Field (a saddler), of St.Andrews, Canterbury, and Sophia Crockford, of Borden, Kent
1800    Church of Middleton-in-Teesdale. m. Daniel Adamson and Nanny Gibson
1800    Aug. 17, marriage of Andew Watt and Mary Cook in Montrose, Angus, Scotland
1780    March 4, birth of Sophia Crockford g.g.g.grandmother
1781    Stracathro, Angus, marriage of  David Nicoll and Elizabeth Fitchet
1782    Stracathro, Angus, birth of  Charles Nicoll ( 15 July ) ref. mfmff
1779    Woodkirk. Baptism of  John Barber Field.
1779    April 7, Woodkirk, Wakefield, Yorkshire. Birth of John Barber Field (7 Apr); parents, Thomas Field; Mary Barber
1775    Shildon. marriage of Matthew Adamson and Susannah Turner
1761    Stracathro, Angus, birth of David Nicoll
1761    Menmuir, Angus, birth of Elizabeth Fitchet
1755    May 31, St. Mary's, Woodkirk, Wakefield, Yorkshire. Death of Joshua Field, aged 74yrs. (From 'flat' memorial stone)
1720    May 24,
St. Mary's, Woodkirk, Wakefield, Yorkshire. Death of William Field, son of Joshua Field. (From 'flat' memorial stone)
1681    Birth of Joshua Field (estimated from 'flat Memorial stone, see 1755)

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