National Service Aug. 1958 to Aug. 1960
comprising 12th August 1960 \ Induction at R.A.F. Cardington
then ' square - bashing ' at R.A.F. Bridgenorth.

From Oct 1958 to May 1959 I was a student at
the No.1 Radio School, R.A.F. Locking

Gate and sentry-box

These airmen were on my course  NavB - D14
at R.A.F.  Locking from Oct 1958 to May 1959
Fellow students in 1959 at R.A.F. Locking

From May 1959 to Aug 1960 I was a radar-fitter at
R.A.F. Middleton-St-George

Radio Servicing Flight, M-St-G
TXs M-St-G
Bowsers M-St-G
Middleton Tower. End of a busy day, summer 1960
Some of my accomplices, summer 1960
Nice fire truck

The line of the Stockton and Darlington Railway lies very close to the airfield's northern boundary.

The following WWII record is before my time, but well worth a 'browse' :

I returned to civilan life 12 Aug 1960.


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