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G4FAS 174.5 MHz Radio Telescope
North 53deg 22min 20.0sec      West 02deg 12min 45.5sec

Cygnus A

A paper roll chart recording 1998-07-07-2200hr UT + 6 hours run-time 

The Radio Telescope homepage   signifies an equatorial period of 18 minutes, however the source Cygnus-A at 40deg N has a longer period on the chart of about 30 minutes owing to the convergence of the Hour Lines towards the celestial N-pole.

Link to a diagram which shows how two separated (and coupled aerials) provide a virtual grating on the Sky.

External link to Journal "Nature" Vol.161, No.4087, pp.312-313 (28 Feb 1948)  Astronomers J.G.Bolton & G.J.Stanley
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