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Index - Wagon Loads & Materials Handling

For details of common packaging materials, containers and commonly shipped goods see
Appendix One - Packaging Materials & Containers and Common cargo and standard packages

NB The illustrations of rolling stock started life as pencil sketches, prepared so I could build models whilst travelling without carrying heavy books. The body detail is about right but the chassis detail is pretty rough as I use RTR or (more commonly) Peco chassis to build the (N Gauge) models. The sketches were later re-drawn using a computer (and version 2 of 'PC Paintbrush') so I could pass them on to the lad to have a go himself, but the chassis detail remains approximate and they are certainly NOT scale drawings. The coloured illustrations were prepared when the web site was set up and these are simply tinted versions of the original sketches, I have tried to 'sample' colours from photographs but they are very much an approximation of the prototype. For more accurate and detailed drawings you really need the books listed in the bibliography. If you are hard up you can request books from your local library using the inter-library loan service (which has turned up some really obscure and useful books for my own research), many societies and clubs also maintain libraries of books donated by members.

Wagon Loads


Tarpaulin Sheets on Wagons

Minerals and Other Bulk Loads



Building Materials

Road vehicles and Farm Equipment


Unusual and Out of Gauge Loads

Yard and platform clutter

Materials Handling

For details on industrial equipment see also 'Lineside Industries', specifically Prototype industrial ancillary structures (for boilers, silos, tanks, dust extractors, handrails & pipes, cooling towers, kilns, furnaces & weighbridges) and Industrial and agricultural vehicles and equipment (Covers vehicles and equipment for set dressing). Other sections in Lineside Industries cover specific items for their respective industries.

Materials Handling - Introduction

Platform trucks and trolleys

Materials Handling - Bulk Minerals

Materials Handling - Grain and Powders

Materials Handling - Hoists and Cranes

Materials Handling - Crane Hooks and Lifting Aids

Materials Handling - Unit Loads

Materials Handling - Weighbridge

Materials Handling - Liquids and Gasses

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