Whatford/Watford Family Tree

Including Harman, Hounsell, Forster, Taylor, Hughes, Gain, Mossman, Millgate, Downham, Wilks, Hooper, Haycock, Albrighton, Eldridge, Harrington, Cork, McGuckin, Hill

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In the beginning there was the written word!

William Watford born 1790 Tenterden married Elizabeth (born Northiam 1790) in Brede (various spellings of name Watforde, Watford)

their children

Mary Watford born sept 1813 (married 9:11:1833 Samual Lawrence)

George Watford born 1812 (married Margaret Davis oct 12 1835 in Brede) and had children: George Whatford born circa 1839 Brede: Mary A Whatford born circa 1841: Margaret Whatford born circa 1843: Sarah Whatford born circa 1845: Harriet Whatford born circa 1847 and married William Emmanuel Griffin on 12/06/1869 in St Georges Parish Church, Brede and had children: Walter William Griffin b:1872 in Brede, Sussex: Ernest A Griffin b 1874 in Brede, Sussex: Orson Herbert Griffin b 1876 in Brede, Sussex:  Leonard D Griffin b 1880 in Hollington, Sussex: Grace A G Griffin b 1883: Owen Wallace Griffin b 1885: Percy John Griffin b: 1886: Lillian Florence Griffin b 1889: Thomas Whatford born circa 1850: William Whatford born  10/031854 Brede: Elizabeth Whatford born circa 1856: John Whatford born circa 1860.  William Whatford born  married on 23 Oct 1886 at Icklesham to Ann Wise nee Eldridge, a widow, daughter of John Eldridge and Harriett Fellows (sister of Thomas Eldridge born 06/01/1849: Philadelphia Eldridge born 25/05/1850 and Robert Eldridge born 25/06/1870)William Whatford and Ann Wise nee Eldridge  had children: Francis Herbert Whatford born Sep 1887 baptized 4 Dec 1887 at Icklesham who married Fanny Dann born circa 1889: Lucy Ann Whatford born circa  Apr 1891 at Icklesham who married George Curd born circa 1891: Reginald Thomas George Whatford born 1 Aug 1893 who  married Dorothy born circa 1893. In 1891 they were living  at 14 Icklesham Street  with step son Walter W Wise, step daughter Ann E Wise. William Whatford's occupation was listed as an Ag Lab :Harriet Whatford and  William Emmanuel Griffin had children: Walter William Griffin born 1872 in Brede, Sussex: Ernest A Griffin born 1874 in Brede, Sussex: Orson Herbert Griffin born 1876 in Brede, Sussex:  Leonard D Griffin born 1880 in Hollington, Sussex: Grace A G Griffin born 1883: Owen Wallace Griffin born 1885: Percy John Griffin born: 1886: Lillian Florence Griffin born 1889:

William Watford born 1808 died 1813

Elizabeth Watford born 1819 in Brede (married 18/04/1838 to William Beasby son of Francis Beasby) they have a daughter Jane born in Udimore in 1845

Margaret Watford b1816 in Pett and marries George Harman in 1849 in Udimore - Margaret has three children by that time - birth certificates show father as "unknown" However see Aaron below. (the Harman tree follows at end of page)

Margaret's Children - from this point on the spelling adopts the "h"

William Whatford born 1842 Icklesham

Moses Whatford (a twin) born 1843 and dies 10 months later in 1844 in Rye Union Workhouse

Aaron Whatford (a twin) born 1843 in Icklesham dies in 1896 - occupation stone labourer twice married. Married (1) 1871 Charlotte Hounsell (born 1851) (Charlotte Housell's Tree below) and (2) Rose Hannah Chester in March 1885 by banns. Rose's father Thomas Chester was a baker and she was born in St Leonards. (Charlotte Hounsel had a brother William born 1849 and he married Elizabeth Harsell in Brede 18/04/1871- Charlotte and William had a father John Hounsel. Aaron's second marriage gives his fathers name as George Harman Whatford. 

Rowland Harman born 25/10/1849 died n Folkestone 08/06/1929 and married (1) Esther Buthelor (nee Huggett) in 1875 (father John Huggett)  and (2) Eliza Strange on 16/05/1880 Eliza Strange died in Folkestone on 17/12/1931. Her parents were George Strange & Mary. See Harman tree below

Aaron and Charlotte Hounsell's Children

William Edgar  Whatford born in 19/12/1872 in Brede died circa 1950 married Rosa Ada Franks (b circa 1870 in Hastings and died 23/04/1941. William Edgar worked as a butcher, then grocery store owner on Weston Road, St Leonards and finally as a shoe repairer.  Their children: ; George W Whatford born circa 1894 married Amy  died 06/06/1918 in France, He was a sapper with the 81st Field Coy, Royal Engineers Buried in Marfaux British War Grave Cemetery ref no IV.J.4: Edith Margaret Whatford born 13/071895 died 05/02/1975; Harold Stanley Franks Whatford born 06/02/1887 at 27 Alexandra Terrace, St Leonards, died 14/04/1968 and married Flo Ivy Clarke born 30/10/1885 and died 14/08/1969; Claude Whatford; Doris Whatford; Cecil Whatford  - Edith Margaret Whatford married 02/01/1917 Ernest Roy Downham born 22/02/1890 in Yately and died July 1940. They Had children: Cyril Roy Downham born 20/12/1917 in St Leonards and died 31/01/1990 married 15/09/1940 Addie Hadaway; Eunice Vera Downham born 07/05/1921 in St Leonards; Georgina Amy Downham born 19/08/1923 in St Leonards; Doris Marion Page Downham born 19/10/1925 in St Leonards and married Bruce Haycock on 07/07/1945 (war Bride). Ernest and Edith met while Ernest was a toffee and candy salesman and used to call on Edith's fathers shop where she worked.  Harold Stanley Franks Whatford & Flo Ivy Clarke had children: Ivor Whatford who died aged 5; Joyce (or Joy) Pauline Whatford born 19/11/1927 married William Henry Wilks in 29/11/1947; Rita Ada Whatford born 09/03/1934died 13/04/1992 and married (1) Kenneth Lavender (2) Ronald Davis. Claude Whatford married Elsie and had a daughter Gwendoline Whatford born 1925 and married Desmond Millgate. Doris Whatford married James Ward and had children Honour Ward and Claude Ward. Cecil Whatford married Hilda Button and had children: Bill Whatford born 18/06/1930 and moved to South Africa and married Isabel; Shirley Whatford  born 28/06/1932 and married Ronald Gain in South Africa: & Yvonne Whatford  born 8/10/1933 married Tony and live in South Africa. Cyril Roy Downham and Addie Hadaway has a child Pamela Downham and lives in Zimbabwe.  Eunice Vera Downham married on 10/10/1942 (war bride) to Victor Albrighton and had children: Barry John Albrighton; Nicholas Robert Albrighton. Georgina Amy Downham married on 17/05/1943 Canadian Glen Hopper, moved to Ontario Canada and had children: Beverley Hopper; Christine Hopper; Janice Hopper. Joyce Pauline Whatford William Henry Wilks born 30/11/1921 and had children: Jane Sandra Wilks; Judith Rita Wilks; David Wilks. Doris Marion Page Downham and Bruce Haycock had children: Kenneth Roy Haycock born 1948; Lorne Bruce Haycock born 1950 and Robert Glen Haycock born 19/07/1952. Rita Ada Whatford and Kenneth Lavender had children: Graham Lavender; Paul Lavender and John Lavender.  Gwendoline Whatford and Desmond Millgate had children: Kevin Millgate & Julie Millgate.  Honour Ward married Peter Mossman and had children: Glen Mossman & Nick Mossman.  Bill Whatford and Isabel had children: Beverley Whatford & Keith Whatford and live in South Africa. Shirley Whatford and Ronald Gain had children: Paul Gain; Debbie Gain; Mark Gain, Alexandra Gain. 

Benjamin Emery Whatford born 1876 in Brede died August 1944 in Tunbridge Wells married Nellie Bromley circa 1929 may have worked as a coal merchant. Their children: Florence Whatford; Madge Whatford; Violet Whatford

Thomas H Whatford born 1878 in Brede

Margaret Eliza Whatford born May 30 1880 in Brede

Edward John Whatford born 1873 in Brede. Dies 1944. Married twice (1) Helen Lizzie Newton in 1899 and (2) Sara A Cheal in 1926. Helen Lizzie Newton had a father William Newton who was a publican and left £1513 11s 1d in a will

Aaron and Rose Hannah Chester's Children

Aaron and Rose had a son Frederick Percy Whatford b 1887 in Brede who married Violet Alice Goodburn who had a son Victor William Frederick Whatford. Victor William Frederick Whatford married ? and had a son Michael Roderick Whatford b 1950 who married Nina Wenham b 1965  in 1986 and had daughters Aimee Catherine Whatford b 1988 and Lucy Victoria Whatford b 1991

Edward John's Children

Stanley Denton Whatford. occupation Vulcanizer had two children Margaret and Stanley

Thomas Percival Whatford occupation Corporate Employee

Edward John Whatford born 1900 married Eva Elizabeth Forster in 1926 and died in Eva Elizabeth died in 1995 . Eva Elizabeth was the daughter of Frederic William Forster who married Eva Lizzie Wells in 1904. Frederic William Forster had a father George Frederic Forster and Eva Lizzie Wells had a father Frederic William Wells

Edward John's Children

Edward Whatford

Raymond Whatford

Peter Whatford born 29/05/1931married twice (1) Mary Kathleen Taylor (the Taylor Tree Follows below)  in 08/09/1934 and (2) Pamela 

Michael Whatford

Anthony Whatford

Ron Whatford

Steven Whatford

Eva Whatford

Marjory Whatford

Reggie Whatford

Peter Whatford's Children

Colin Peter Whatford born 13/04/1958 married on 09/03/ 1985 Christine Harrington born 08/03/1948 died 2005 and  have two children The Harrington & McGuckin tree is below

Beverley Kay Whatford born 12/03/1962

Peter & Eva Whatford

Bay City Roller Fan!

In the Hop Fields of Kent/Sussex borders: Peter Whatford & John Taylor

During the post war period it was quite common for working class families to have a paid holiday amongst the hop fields of Kent & East Sussex. above right was taken at Sharvals Farm, Peasmarsh, Sussex in the 1960's

Harman Family Tree

Richard Harman married Sara

Richard's Children

Thomas Harman born 1791

William Harman born 1793

Benjamin Harman born 1789 married Mary

Mary Ann Harman born 1796

Rowland Harman born 1798

Benjamin's children

George Harman born 1816 married (1) Mary and married (2) Margaret Watford in 1849 in Udimore. 

Edward Harman born 4/12/1808

Harriet Harman born 1818

Emma Harman

Benjamin Harman

Jeramaih Harman

John Edward Harman

George Harman's and Mary's Children

Edward Walter Harman born 1840

George Harman born 1842

George Harman & Margaret Watford's children

Rowland Harman born 25/10/1849 died n Folkestone 08/06/1929 and married Eliza Strange on 16/05/1880 Eliza Strange died in Folkestone on 17/12/1931. Her parents were George Strange & Mary

 (1) Rowland Harman & Esther Buchelor (nee Hugget) child

Edward Rowland was born on 27th October 1876 in Rye. His mother died soon after the birth. Esther was a widow 10 years older than Rowland. Rowland is discribed as a mariner by profession at the time of marriage.

(2) Rowland Harman & Eliza Strange's Children

Albert George Harman b 08/02/1881, died 1960 married (1) Charlotte Lucy Carter who died in 1908 and they had one child Rosina Charlotte Harman born 23/11/1906 and died 1925.  (2)married Dora Ellon Norden

Edward Rowland Harman born 27/10/1876 who married Annie Parsons born 18/12/1873

Rowland Harman born 29/09/1883 died 1976 and married Emily Florence Skerritt born circa 1883 and died 1974

Sydney Harman born 09/03/1885, died 1963 and married (2) Emily Caroline Crisfield and (2) Violet Gwendoline Hurford

Margaret Elsie Harman born 23/09/1886 and died 10/08/1949 and married (1) in Rochester Illingworth Sproul born 24/06/1878 in Coventry and (2)  married in 1926 in Saskatchewan Alexander Hugh Ross Murray born 25/03/1878 in Mount Thom, Pictou Co. Nova Scotia


The  Hounsell Family Tree


Henry Hounsell was born circa 1755 in Whatlington Sussex and died 11/05/1838 in Whatlington and married Elizabeth Watson on 21/06/1787 in St Mary Magdalene Church in Whatlington

The Children of Henry Hounsell and Elizabeth Watson

Elizabeth Hounsell born 1788

William Hounsell born 18/05/1791

Mary Hounsell born 06/1794

Hezekiah Hounsell born 30/06/1799 in Mountfield and married Sarah Anne Streater on 24/11/1819 in Ewhurst. Sarah Anne Streater was the daughter of Emery and Sarah Streater

Henry Hounsell born 07/10/1804 who married Mary Eldridge on 10/09/1821 in St Mary Magdalene Church

The Children of Hezekiah Hounsell and Sarah Anne Streater

Emery Hounsell (spelt Emory in 1841 census) born 31/03/1820 in Brede and died in Nelson, New Zealand circa 1842

John Hounsell born 22/05/1822 and died 18/04/1886 in Brede and died 18/04/1886 of Pleurisy and Bronchitis in Brede and married Eliza Morgan born in Beckley daughter of Hammanish and Eliza Morgan. References to him living in Cuckle Street in 1851 Census The 1871 Census list his occupation as a stone drawer and as a stone quarry man in the 1881 census. Eliza Morgan became a successful grocer after husbands death and owned her own business in Brede.

William Alfred Hounsell born 12/08/1824 in Brede and died in Nelson, New Zealand 18/05/1906 and married Sarah Jeffrey Durrant on 25/05/1848 in Nelson New Zealand. They had children: Emily Hounsell born 27/04/1849 and married to John Edward Haase on 05/05/1870 in Nelson New Zealand; William Hounsell born 28/11/1851; Emma Hounsell born 06/02/1853 and died 16/05/1936 and married William Otto Haase in 04/02/1874 in Nelson; Emery Hounsell born 15/06/1854; Sarah Hounsell born 22/09/1855 and married George Mass in Tasman St, Nelson; John Hounsell born 09/02/1857; Arthur Hounsell born 31/08/1858; Robert Hounsell born 29/06/1860; Walter Hounsell born 16/06/1862; Alfred Hounsell born 18/06/1864; Ellen Hounsell born 18/11/1866; Eliza Hounsell born 02/03/1867 and married Edward Kirk on 11/02/1895 at Wanganui, Wellington; George Hounsell born 29/12/1871; Minnie Hounsell born 14/06/1874. Sara Hounsell and George Mass had a daughter Emily Agnes Moss (sic) born 02/07/1880 and died 02/01/1927 and is buried at Taita, Lower Hutt, new Zealand and married John Joseph Owen on 30/12/1912 at Wanganui who died on 26/06/1938 also buried at Taita Cemetery and whose parents were Thomas Owen born circa 1846 and Mary Brittle born circa 1850 from Nelson City, New Zealand. William Otto Haase and John Edward Haase were sons of Johann Ludwig Haase and Johanna Bandman

James Hounsell born 10/07/1827

Charlotte Hounsell born 11/04/1830 (there is a entry  in the Rye Workhouse for the 1851 census to show that Charlotte was an inmate, unmarried, servant, age 22 and born in Brede)

Eliza Hounsell born 28/04/1832

Some views of Nelson New Zealand circa 1900

Nelson New Zealand Trafalgar St Nelson Port Nelson Bridge St Nelson


The Children of John Hounsell and Eliza Morgan 

William Houndsell born circa 1849 and married Elizabeth and had a child Lawrence born circa 1879

Charlotte Hounsell born 25/11/1850 in Brede and married Aaron Whatford

John Hounsell born circa 1853 and was a groom and gardener

Edward Hounsell born circa 1855 in Brede and married Rebbecca and had children: Annie E Hounsell born circa 1878; Emery A Hounsell born circa 1880; Carol J Hounsell born march/1881

Percy E Hounsell born circa 1866

Minnie E Hounsell born circa 1868


The Taylor Family Tree

Anne & John Taylor's Children

William Taylor born 1769

John Taylor born 1775 married Elizabeth Parker

John Taylor's children

Thomas Taylor born 1799 married Mary

Sarah Taylor born 1802

Thomas Taylor's Children

James Taylor born 1830 in Ferring (baptized in Ferring 14/08/1830) died 1914 married Anne Hughes (Hughes Tree below) (Flower Seller born 1840, died 19/07/1925) James was employed as a publican and had a public house called the Vulcan Tavern - previously known as the Laundry Tavern in Mount Pleasant Brighton. He then moved to the Little Globe in Edward Street Brighton. When he retired he moved to 36 Ivory Place and became a hawker selling flowers from a horse and cart. By 1910 he had moved to 48 Ivory place Brighton

Lucy Taylor born 1835

Elizabeth Taylor born 1837

William Taylor born 1838

Charles Taylor born 1844 died 08/03/1908

John Taylor born 1847

James Taylor's children (note in all they had 20 children but 9 died at birth)

William Taylor born 1859 married Fanny

Anne Taylor born 1860 married George Morley had no children (baptized 01/07/1860 at Preston Old Church

James Taylor born 1862 & died after six weeks (baptized on 22/06/1862 at Preston Old Church and buried there 1507/1862)

Elizabeth Taylor (Bessie) born 1863 married Henry Mancell & had children Bessie & Harry (Baptized 26/07/1863 at Preston Old Church

Thomas Taylor married Emma who died then remarried Kit - children William, Mary, Lucy & Thomas

Henry Taylor married Clara Burton and had children Henry, James, Clara, May, Lucy, John, Ada & Thomas

Lucy Taylor married Charles Clare and had no children

Mary Taylor married James Smith/Lee and had children Lucy & Laurence

Edward Taylor (Titch) married Mary and had children Kate (married Charles - Curly), Anne, Henry, Mary, Edward, Thomas, William, Bessie, James & Charles

Emma married Tony Marserella ( Italian who changed his name to Marshall) and had children, Emma, Joseph & Peter. Joseph Marshall was a jockey who won the Epsom Derby in 1929 on a horse called Trigo at odds of 33/1

Sarah married Earnest Coates and had children Rose, James & Mary

William Taylor's children

William Taylor married Frances Robinson (brought up by Anne & James Taylor)

Ada Taylor

John Charles Taylor (Curly) born 15/08/1893 died 06/061970 married twice (1) Unknown but had a child William (Bill) (2) Kate Taylor (cousin). During the First World War Curly served with the Royal Sussex regiment and saw action at Gallipoli, before being posted to India. Upon the death of Curly Taylor the poem "A Tale of the Heroes of Gallipoli was found in his possessions, written by a friend L/Cpl J. Hindley of the Worcester Reg. and is set out below.

Martha  who emigrated to Canada and married Fred Murrey and had children Violet who married Robert Roblin, Elizabeth (Bessie), Essie who married ? Burke, Cathy who married (1) Gaylord & (2) , Leslie, Kenny,  Ron who married Brenda and Freda who married Ernie ?

May Taylor

William Taylor and Frances Robinson

Catherine (Katy) Taylor

Charles Taylor (Curly) in India during WW1

John Taylor (right) with crew from HMS Aries WWII


Edward (Titch) Taylor's wife Mary (Highlighted top right) on Charabanc trip date unknown

HMS Aries Minesweeper

Anne Hughes (center) with Lucy and Mary Taylor & family

Joseph Marshall won the 1935 Beckhampton Plate, Newbury from a record field of forty-nine runners, on Swift Arrow, owned by Mrs. C. Rich, altogether riding this brilliant two-year-old in six victories out of seven races.  Born in 1908, Marshall was apprenticed to Stanley Wootton at Epsom, and won the Alexandra Park Autumn Handicap (1926) on L'aine.  His greatest success was on Trigo, winner of the 1929 Derby.  Marshall is equally at home on the flat and over hurdles, and won the Liverpool Handicap Hurdle, 1934, on Advancer.  He is a fine boxer, winning the St. Dunstan's and Stable Lad Championships as an apprentice.

J Marshall

Inscription on back of J Marshall's 'Famous Jockeys' card



A Tale of the Heroes of Gallipoli


We were up a Atcha Baba
Amidst the Clouds and Stench
No matter where we travelled,
We were sure to cross a trench,
I know the fight that I was in where
I saw my Comrades fall,
But we kept on through the Turkish linesamidst the hail of ball.

But when the order came to halt
And the shout was then dig in,
It was like Hell on earth
Our lives weren't worth a pin.
Still we worked and dug all day
And night under their Cannons Roar.
Until the Gurkhas they came up
Though THEY fell by the Score.

When morning it was then found
That water had run out,
And four long Miles mend had to
Crawl to an old Turks Redoubt,
That the Turks had fled from
Leaving not an unturned stone,
They wouldn't have left that water-
Well but for their Sacred Dome.

But when at last we had to leave
the place we fought and Won,
And leave those Heroes who gave
Their lives beneath that Foreign Sun,
There were all sorts of Regiments
That answered Duties Call,
But never mind what Regiment
They were solders Men and Al

Now I to old England Roam,
I hope to meet some Boys at Home
That fought and Bled in that Bloody Land,
And hope to grip them by the hand,
But let us think of the Sons that Lie
Beneath that Turkish Foreign Sky.





Composed by L/Cpl J. Hindley,  Late of The Worcestershire Regiment.


 Royal Sussex Reg Badge

National Registration Identity Card for Curly Taylor

 John Charles Taylor (Curly) center with unknown friends WW1


The children of John Charles Taylor (Curly)

William (Bill) from 1st marriage

John Taylor born 24/02/1924 and died 1994 and married Margaret Donovan and served on HMS Aries an Algerian class minesweeper during the Second World War

Mary Taylor born 1934 married Peter Whatford 1955 and had children Colin Whatford born 1958 and Beverley born 1962

Hughes Family Tree

William Hughes born 1809 and married Sarah born 1813 Northchaple, Sussex

William Hughes's children

Anne Hughes (see photo above) born 1840 and married James Taylor she came to Brighton from the Isle of Wight were she was a flower seller who lived in a caravan - one of her brothers was deported to Australia for stealing a sheep.

Thomas Hughes born 1843

? born 1849

Mary born 1854

John born 1856

James born 1858

Harrington  Tree

James Harrington

The Children of James Harrington

Walter James Harrington born 1891 died 19/02/1982 married (1) Martha Lee Alnutt and (2) on 19/06/49 Amy Elanor Burke born 1899

The Children of Walter James Harrington and Martha Lee Allnutt

Walter Frank Harrington born 03/06/1917  died 26/01/2003 Married on the 25/11/1944 Catherine Alice McGuckin. Walter Frank Harrington and Catherine Alice McGuckin had children: Christine Harrington born 08/03/1948 died 2005 and married Colin Peter Whatford 09/03/1985; and Susan Harrington born 02/12/1953 who married Alan Ferris

Fred Harrington married Ethel

May Harrington married Reg Parsons and had children: Alan Parsons.

Victor Harrington married Ann and had children: John Harrington & Michael Harrington



McGuckin Tree


The McGuckin tartan from county Leitrim Ireland  (O’rourke family)

The McGuckin tartan From Connacht District Ireland


Terence Alexander McGuckin b c1815 d. 29th December 1858 in Shoreditch Workhouse married Sarah Rebecca Drew and had a son William Drew McGuckin b 1841 Middlesex married in 1867 ( in Bethnal Green) Elizabeth Thomas born c 1844 St Leonards Shoreditch Terence and Sarah also had a son Henry Hugh b 19/03/1844 who married Mary Ann Margaret Bonnet b 21/10/1844 and who had a daughter Agnes Emily b 1860 and who married Henry Walter Amery.

Cyril Langran, Doreen McGurkin & James McGurkin James McGurkin & Daughter Ivy Blanche McGurgin

The children of William Drew McGuckin and Elizabeth Thomas

 James McGuckin b 15/09/1872 married Matilda Roberts and had 5 children - May Martha Matilda McGuckin b 10/05/1898 and married Arthur Johnson and had a daughter Maise Gwendoline Johnson. Violet Victoria McGuckin b 28/02/1902 and married William Raphel Payne. Doreen McGuckin b12/09/1908 married Cyril Herbert Langran, no children. Stanley James McGuckin b 18/03/1918 married Violet Coe, no children. Ivy Blanche McGuckin b 31/03/1913 married Joseph Clarke and had 2 children, Bernard Joseph Clarke b 5/10/1933  who married May and Peter Antony Clarke b 20/09/1948 d 26/09/1955

George  McGuckin b 1877

William Drew McGuckin born 02/07/1870 in Haggerstone died 07/01/1943 Married Catherine Hill 1900. William Drew McGuckin entered the navy as a boy on the sailing ship HMS Lion aged 14½ in 1885 and served until 1889. His service record shows that he served on the following ships:




HMS Lion 17/07/1885 - 01/06/1886 boy 2
HMS Lion 01/06/1886 - 01/02/1887 boy 1
B???? 02/02/1887 - 20/02 1888 boy 1
B???? 21/02/1888 - 18/10/18888 Ord
HMS Duncan 19/10/1888 - 31/10/1888 Ord
HMS Calypso 01/11/1888 - 31/03/1889 Ord
HMS Calypso 01/04/1889 - 22/05/1889 AB
HMS Wildfire 23/05/1889 - 18/03/1890 AB
HMS Colossus 19/03/1990 - 22/04/1891 AB
HMS Cokatrice 25/04/1881- 20/05/1893 AB
Cruiser 23/05/1893 - 21/12/1893 AB
HMS Pembroke 22/12/1893 - 28/02/1894 AB
HMS Wildfire 01/03/1894 - 22/05/1894 AB
HMS Pembroke 23/05/1894 - 13/06/1894 AB
HMS Northampton 14/06/1894 - 31/12/1894 Ld Seaman
HMS Northampton 01/01/1895 - 27/01/1896 PO 2
HMS Wildfire 28/01/1896 - 02/02/1896 PO 2
HMS Pembroke 04/02/1896 - 15/09/1896 PO 1
HMS Wildfire 16/09/1896 - 01/05/1897 PO 1
HMS Vernun 02/05/1897 - 06/11/1897 PO 1
HMS Venus 07/11/1897 - 07/06/1899 PO 1
HMS Hibernia 08/06/1899 - 26/06/1899 PO 1
HMS Royal Sovereign 27/06/1899 - 18/09/1899 PO 1
HMS Royal Sovereign 19/09/1899 - 10/10/1899 Able Seaman
HMS Caesar 11/10/1899 - 31/12/1899 Able Seaman

HMS Lion was a boys training ship based in Plymouth, The Pembroke was a boy gunner training ship based in Medway. The Calypso launched in 1883 was also a training ship, a sailing corvette that as the name suggests spent each autumn and winter months sailing around the Caribbean and returning to the Northern waters for the summer.  HMS Royal Sovereign was a 15000 ton Battleship launched in 1881 and scrapped in 1913. The wildfire was a screw yacht flagship based in Sheerness and the Colossus was a twin screw based in Holyhead.

HMS Lion

HMS Colossus

At the outbreak of the First World war William Drew McGuckin offered to re-enlist in the Navy, but instead was asked to serve on the war time tribunals. After the signing of the peace he received the following letter from the Prime Minister David Lloyd George.


10 Downing Street

Whitehall, S.W.1

1st September 1919

W D McGuckin

Dear Sir,

Now that peace with Germany has been signed I wish to convey the thanks of His Majesty's Government to the members and officials of Tribunals for the great work which they accomplished during the conflict through which we have passed.  The task entrusted to the Tribunals was laborious and formidable, especially to men who, as a rule, had many other claims upon their time and energies.  It called in a high degree for the exercise of patience, sagacity and impartiality.  The decision of cases involved grave responsibilities from which members of Tribunals might not unnaturally have shrunk if they had not placed the country's need before all other considerations.  The work of the tribunals was unostentatious; but it has played a vital part in securing the Victory and Peace which have been achieved.  On behalf of His Majesty's Government it is my duty and privilege to thank the Tribunals and their officials for the valuable services which they have rendered to the nation in these critical years.  

I am, Sir, 

Your obedient Servant, 

D. Lloyd George 

Letter from PM David Lloyd George to William Drew McGuckin after Germany signed peace in 1919

Transcript of Lloyd George letter dated 01/09/1919


The Children of William Drew McGuckin and Catherine Hill

Elizabeth McGuckin married (1) Alan Sandford and had a daughter, Margaret Elizabeth Sandford born 18/07/1943 and (2) Alec Young

Catherine Alice McGuckin born 21/11/1918 died 03/11/1987 married Walter Frank Harrington on 25/11/1944. Walter Frank Harrington was born  03/06/1917 and died 26/01/2003 Walter Frank Harrington and Catherine Alice McGuckin had children: Christine Harrington born 08/03/1948 and married Colin Peter Whatford 09/03/1985; and Susan Harrington born 02/12/1953 who married Alan Ferris

Ruby Winifred McGuckin born 13/06/1913 in Edmonton married Samual Charles Cork born 23/05/1906 in Hanley, Stoke on Trent, died 12/03/1979. Samual Charles Cork was a Widower and son of John Henry Cork. He had children (unknown) from his first marriage. Had no Children from second marriage. . Samual Charles Cork was a Bombardier with the Royal Artillery during the Second World War. During the retreat to Dunkirk his unit was surrounded by the German forces and many of his unit died. The unit however refused to surrender and made a last ditch bold for freedom during which Bombardier Cork fought gallantly and his life was saved in true film tradition when a German bullet was stopped by a penny in his breast pocket. His bravery did not go unnoticed and he was "mentioned in dispatches" and published in the London Gazette on 20/12/1940 and subsequently received the oak leaf. (see below)

Celia Blanche McGuckin born

Jessie McGuckin married ? O'Sullivan and had a son Connie

Ada McGuckin married Joseph Knifton and had children: Billie Knifton ; Peggy Knifton who married Alan Rondeau; Catherine Knifton who married Cliff Calder and John Knifton who married Pat. Peggy and Alan Rondeau had children Michele Rondeau and Michael Rondeau, Catherine and Cliff Calder had children Martin Calder, Deborah Calder, Jamie Calder and Paul Calder. John and Pat Knifton had children Douglas Knifton and Andrew Knifton


Bombardier Cork- "Mentioned in Dispatches" Congratulatory letter from Bombardier Cork's Commanding Officer

The penny that saved a life!!!

Bombardier SC Cork 755829 SAH!

Hill Family Tree

John Hill was born in Devon and worked as a diver for sea wrecks in Bermuda until he moved to Kent to work as a shipwright at the Royal Docks. Lydia M Hill was born in Devon c1843

The children of  John Hill and Lydia M Hill

Ada Hill born c 1873 in Bermuda West Indies and married ? O'Sullivan and became  a missionary in the Salvation Army

Catherine Hill was born in Bermuda West Indies in 1879 and died 23/08/1946 and married William Drew McGuckin in 1900

Elizabeth (Beth) Hill was born in Kent in 1885 and married Albert Ralph

Alice Hill

Florence Hill married ? Thomas


William Drew McGuckin & 
Catherine Hill



Mary Ellen Haycock for her work on the Hounsell and Whatford line,  Carol Whatford for Whatford line, Julie Crossley for her work on the Taylor line. Christine Whatford for her work on Hill, McGuckin and Harrington Line. Bernard J Clarke for his work on the McGuckin/McGurkin line.



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