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This website is a resource for anyone studying, or interested in, the geology of southwest Cornwall. It stems from a literature review for a research degree (PhD) undertaken at Camborne School of Mines in Cornwall on 'The tectonics of Permian magmatism and mineralisation in SW England' and covers the history of the Variscan Orogen, granite magmatism and mineralisation within the area of the former Gramscatho Basin, west of St Agnes.

Also included are details about some of the fieldwork locations used in this study and information on the geology and mineralogy (including a set of photographs, plans and sections) of South Crofty Mine collated during my time as Senior Mine Geologist, prior to the closure of the mine in 1998. A further set of photographs show some of the more recent development workings at the mine.

*** The latest additions are 32 lode sections from the Closure Ore Reserve in 1998, on the Crofty Sections page ***


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