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Y Ddraig Goch

(Also including some other local S Wales Cobley families.)


For the past five years I have been gripped by the genealogy bug. These are the results of my findings which I publish in the hope that they will aid others in their research and they in return could add to my own findings. Invariably there will be inaccuracies and omissions and I would welcome any contact that will help rectify these.

Since publishing these pages a number of other Cobley researchers who have turned out to be distant cousins have provided me with information on their descendants. I have also received information on other local Cobley families with links back to Pensford/Publow. Adding this information means the site is gradually becoming a record of the wider family and its spread throughout the world, also the start of a record of South Wales Cobleys. So any further contributions are most welcome.

Please note that information relating to living persons has been omitted unless they have personally agreed to publication.

Details of my paternal Cobley family living initially in Somerset and moving to Monmouthshire about 1825 The Coal mining Cobleys
Details of my maternal Powell family from their roots in Herefordshire until grandfathers move to Glamorgan about 1890. The Powell Family
Details of other South Wales Cobley families with links back to Pensford/Publow. Probably related but not yet proven. Other South Wales Cobley Families
Links to other Cobley sites including this and other Cobley lineages. Other Linked Cobley Sites
The Genealogy Bug The Genealogy Pox

If you have any comments, questions or information please e-mail me at gercobley@hotmail.com

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