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Caller; I explain to barn-dancers.
Country Dance Tutor; in Adult Learning.
Organist; church, crematorium, club
Entertainer; a one-hour "singalong" in care homes
Arranger;simple arrangements for school or youth band.
Singer; crooning-style, church choir, G&S.
Linguist; French (ok) Spanish (rusty)
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Maybe I can help you? I am a retired music teacher who has picked up various skills along the way. If you need a Caller, a Country Dance Tutor, an Organist, an Entertainer, an Arranger, a Linguist, and, to a lesser extent, someone who can play Piano, Accordion, Guitar and Bass-Guitar, Drums and three-valve Brass - then maybe I am just the person you are looking for.

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Caller; I can explain to dancers the movements and actions they need to do in English Barn Dancing, Irish Ceili dances, and Scottish Ceilidh Dances. I can do this with live music, usually the Liverpool Country Dance Band, or with my cassette tapes and amplifier.

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Country Dance Tutor; I work part time as an Adult Education tutor of Country Dancing classes for Liverpool City. Again, this is to recorded music.
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Organist; I spent many years as a Parish Organist, and I am familiar with all the best-known and standard hymns, and with the music most often chosen for Weddings and Funeral services. I can also play a "club" organ, the piano, and indeed any instrument with a standard keyboard.
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Entertainer; by this I mean that I offer (usually) a one-hour "singalong" in care homes on a quiet afternoon, singing songs from the first half of the 20th Century, while playing my Yamaha electronic keyboard through a small amplifier. This can be extended to "family parties" for people of my generation and older, to include monologues and other items.

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Arranger; having arranged music for school band and music groups while a teacher, I currently act as musical director for a Boys/Girls Brigades Marching Band.

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Linguist; my degree is B.A. II,2 (Hons) in French and Spanish, and I can get by in Italian and German, and a smattering of Portuguese. This means it can be handy to have me around at international gatherings, especially where music and dance are concerned. I can explain folk-dancing reasonably well in French and Spanish, and give a few words of help in other languages via my crib-sheets, and I can sing a few songs in some languages.

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have spent time in a church choir (singing polyphony and plain-chant), a very early "skiffle" group, a Gilbert & Sullivan company, and the folk-song scene.

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I have connections with;

Wirral Pipe Band, our local Scottish Pipers.
"The WIRRAL SOUND."; the marching band of Moreton Boys Brigade and Girls Brigade.
"Travelling People" folk group.
Liverpool City, and its Liver Birds and its people.
British Country Dancing (but not Western Line dance)
Local Authority country dance tuition.
European folk culture, via Europeade festival.
Starting to play the accordion, or church organ?
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Here are some more of my pages,
mostly concerning my musical ineterests.

Mersey And Deeside folk dance clubs
Liverpool branch of the RSCDS
Liverpool Country Dance Band
Lyrics of some Liverpool Songs.
Liverpool CONTRA Folk-dance club
Country Dancing Clubs in Liverpool.
IRISH Dancing information.
Lingfield Grove L14 3LG
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Other links which you may find interesting or useful: EFDSS; the English Folk Dance & Song Society
The MacLennan Scottish Group of Sidcup.
The WIRRAL SOUND, the marching band of Moreton (Wirral) Boys & Girls Brigades.
RSCDS (for non-members)
RSCDS (for members) relating to many folk dance types.

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