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We provide music, amplification and tuition for a barn dance or ceilidh, and we specialise in "beginners" dances, for non-specialist groups.

We do "call," teach, and "walk-through" each dance you will be doing.
BEWARE; many "ceilidh" groups do not "call" or teach any actual DANCES. They just sing and play.
Also, a number of bands do hot have their owen Caller, and you may nbeed to hire a Caller as well.

We usually play 8.00 to midnight (or 7.30 - 11.30 or similar) with a 45-minute break.

We have contacts with Scottish Pipers, Irish Step Dancers, and various other musicians.
We offer versatility, rather than pursuing the specialised requirements of the RSCDS and EFDSS

All we need from you is a power-point, a good big wooden dance floor, and people who will get up and try the dancing.

Please see our Conditions of Hire.below.

For basic information about ceilidhs and barndances in general, we recommend the excellent set of Frequently Asked Questions on the "Webfeet" site.

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Unlike most country-dance or ceilidh bands, we provide a MIXTURE of dance styles, usually including ceilidh dances from Scotland AND Ireland AND Wales, as well as English dances. This also means that we can give your evening a "theme", with one of the British "nationalities" predominant.

As we are a BarnDance/Ceilidh band, we do NOT offer "Line" dancing, Pop music, Country & Western, Rock music, or other un-related music.

Most of our bookings are "beginners' dances" but we can take if further; if you have a good number of experienced dancers, we can call many advanced dances too. .

If you would like to have some "tuition" before the night, click here to visit the page where we explain some of our dances

When and where can we see the band in action? Email Gerry Jones, who will put you in touch with the organisers. Many of our bookings are private events, but I can give you contact information for the hirer,and they normally agree to let you in to have a look.
If you would like to join my email group of dancers who to be kept informed of our "public" dances, then please email me.

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1. SPACE; We DO need a good, big dance floor, preferably UN-carpeted, roughly one square yard per person. (Our kind of dancing requires more space than many people and hotels may realise). We have played in barns with pure concrete floors, and in horse training barns.

2. DANCING; We are a barn-dance/ceilidh band for people who want to get up and dance, rather than just sit there to be entertained. This is why we do not take "pub" work. Also, we are a "country-dance" band, but this is not he same as a "country & western" or "cowboy" band. Please be sure that an evening of country dancing is what you really want. Perhaps it might be clearer if you think of us as "Liverpool Barndance Band"?

3. DISCO? A Disco can impede our progress with the dancers, but we we would share the evening with a Disco, providing we have the main stage, and the Disco would finish the night, usually from 11.00 p.m..

4. HOW MUCH? Our fees are negotiable, but we are often told that we ask much less than other local bands. From April 2009, we have been asking a basic £380, for wedding parties or corporate events in Liverpool.
For "non-wedding/corporate"dances, in Merseyside county, we have been playing for about £280. From April 2010 we will be asking £400 basic, £300 concessions.
For venues outside Liverpool, travel costs would apply. Increases in fuel prices may affect these prices, and tunnel tolls may apply.

5. RANGE? Our normal range is Merseyside County, South Lancs, & Halton, but further afield can be negotiated.

6. INSURANCE; our band does have Public Liability Insurance of £5million, with Musicians Insurance Services. We can email a jpeg of our current certificate.
If your venue is using a movable "disco" floor, you should check they have insurance covering personal injury caused by their supplying their kind of flooring for our kind of dancing. In some cases it will save time (and a lot of money) if no such floor is laid down. This would mean dancing on carpet, and though this is less than ideal, it would at least be all on the same level, and probably increase the danceable area.

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1. CONFIRMATION; We prefer to confirm a definite booking in writing, by posting you two signed copies of what we have agreed, giving contact details etc. (Please email a postal address.) You should then sign both copies, keep one, and return the other copy with the £40 deposit.

2. DEPOSIT. When dealing with new clients, we usually ask for a non-returnable deposit. Since April 2005 this has been £40, but will be raised to £50 from April 2010. For regular clients, we may waive the need for a deposit, but we would want an equal amount to be agreed as a Minimum Cancellation Fee, with effect from the date of our agreement.
We would like a final confirmation from you about two weeks before the date. An email or phone call will be fine, just to make sure neither side has forgotten or found problems.

3. PAYMENT will be expected on the night, at the end of our performance, and preferably in cash, as we all live in different towns. We are considering a £5 admin charge for payment by cheque, as this means an extra trip to a bank, writing out cheques for the other musicians, or obtaining cash.

4. CANCELLATION; any deposit would be forfeit, OR a cancellation charge of at least £40 would be required from anyone from whom we had not asked a deposit.

Cancellation within the seven days before the event would entail payment of the full fee.

If we have to back out, and cannot provide replacement band or musicians, then clearly we will refund your deposit, and we will try to help you find other musicians or bands to take our place.
Also, anybody can fall ill or have a family emergency or similar problem, and so we cannot be held to provide the musicians as shown in our pictures. We do have friends who can deputise for each of us, and this may prove necesary at times.

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Please note that we are NOT the "Liverpool Ceili Band." They were the specialist Irish Ceili Band of the 1960s and 1970s, world-champions twice, and directly connected with Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann and the Liverpool Irish Centre, Mount Pleasant (now closed). For any information about them, contact St Michael's Irish Centre, West Derby Rd Liverpool. Details on my IRISH Dancing

Historical note; The Liverpool COUNTRY DANCE BAND started life as a development of the "Travelling People" folk-group, who gradually started playing for dances, as the "Carlinn Ceili Band" because our first accordionist was born in Carlingford, Co.Louth. There came a stage when the popularity for "all things Irish" was fading, and when a major client needed a band with "Liverpool" in its name. So we also adopted the "Liverpool Country Dance Band" name.