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Fifty Thousand Fivers. The only quote we have for the scheme is 250,000. This is a daunting amount of money, but it can be looked at another way; i.e.
FIFTY THOUSAND FIVERS comes to 250,000. If 50,000 people would give a Fiver, the job would be done. A Fiver doesn't get you much these days. Compare it with;
- a packet of cigarettes, (find some prices, about 4.)
- a round of drinks for 2 or 3 people
- a small snack at motorway services.
- six litres/less than two gallons of petrol.
- admission for one to a night-club. (get some real prices) If everbody going to a "Derby" game gave a fiver, just once, the job would be done. Perhaps if we could promise the Clubs that they could put a giant scarf round its neck after any Famous Victory.
To put it another way; here is a letter I emailed to the Echo on 9th Jan 02, after one reader thought I wanted all football fans to give money at every home game!

"There are already some misunderstandings about my ideas for funding a Third Lyver Bird. The worst-case is if the City cannot obtain or provide any of the 250,000 quoted. My idea then is to look at this large sum in a different way - to think of it as "50,000 Liver Fivers", and to picture 50,000 people we just need to imagine the crowd at a "Derby" match. If 50,000 people - reds, blues or neither - were willing to give a "one-off" fiver, then such an appeal could close. Where this "every home game" idea came from I do not know.
Hopefully, there would be some corporate sponsorship from a dozen companies who would like to buy the right to engrave their company name in a segment of the clock-dial base. A dozen local firms may well consider it a good investment at 5,000 for a hundred years worth of publicity in a prime spot. That in itself would ensure the Dial being laid. Hopefully, just 100,000 of "matched funding" would be needed. Maybe a local millionaire might fancy paying for the whole scheme in one go! We live in hope.
But, as the R.C. Cathedral was built with "the pennies of the poor", I would like to see this Bird representing the wishes of your average scouser - and his Fiver.

Fifty Thousand Fivers!
Everyone thinks it would be great to have a Third Lyver Bird in Liverpool, ideally in Queen Square, but the only quote we have so far is for 250,000 which is one big amount of money. But just for a moment, try looking at it this way; if fifty thousand people were to give just a Fiver, we would have that money - and the Bird! What does fifty thousand people look like; well, if you imagine one of our Premiership stadiums, full of people for a "Derby" match, there's your 50,000 (near enough).

A scheme may well be devised whereby anyone who gives a fiver can have their name (or Or the name of someone they choose, living or dead.), in a Commemorative Book of Donors. hat should we call it? Book of Bird-lovers.Bird Book.Liver's Fivers Givers. This could be kept in the museum of Liverpool Life. (...or in a Museum case at the Bird, (in all weathers?? maybe not)

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