Writers and performers of Liverpool folk-songs and the folk clubs they performed in.
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Here is some information about singers, performers and writers of folk and folk-style music in Liverpool and Merseyside. 1960s.
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I am using this page to hold information about the various singers and writers of Liverpool folk-songs, so that such information as comes my way will be made available, while leaving the Songs/Lyrics page to be just that. Some items may prove to be inseparable from their composer, but I'm giving it a try. Anybody got any suggestions of people to be included? Anybody got some information, data, or appreciations that they feel should be available on internet?


who ran their club in Liscard, Wallasey, but who are now "resting".

who ran their "Wheel-house" folk- club at Saints Peter & Paul, Waterloo, Crosby. Most of the original members are no longer active, but Kevin Bargen has re-formed the group, and are involved in a variety of events.

Billy, currently a presenter on BBC Radio Merseyside, has written an enormous amount of songs, in a folky-pub style, he has popularised many songs written by other people, and still earns his bread and drippin' by selling CDs of them, so I have no intention of doing him out of a crust. But a few of his songs have passed into general consciousness, and are so widely almost known round Merseyside as to qualify as Liverpool folk-songs. Which is why I have included "I stand making wellies all day", and "The mighty Well !" (which was written by John Dillon.)
Billy is also responsible for what may prove to be a definitive version of "We're off, we're off in a motor-car", of which there seem to be so many versions (world-wide). He is also the source for a song which may be entitled " Where the Mersey flows tonight." (See my Lyrics page, and Question Corner.

JOHN DILLON wrote THE WELLER (originally THE WELL SONG) was written for Billy's Maher's old group, The Jacksons. Billy's then performing partner, Billy Jackson, had asked hom to write a song for them after the success of A DOUBLE THICK MARMALADE BUTTY! The "Weller" song I knocked out was a three chord, slightly country sounding thing. The two Billys folksied it up and added the banjo intro. They then released it on their Flowerpot Records label. They were happy with it and John was happy for them.

JIM BENNETT , a Liverpool born performance poet and lecturer, who has written at least two Liverpool songs, about "Docklands" and "Superlambanana"
There is an interview with him, and photo on . and his own page is
please follow this link to my own Jim Bennet page .for the "Liverpool" songs Jim wrote

please follow this link to my page for Stan.

BRIAN JACQUES was for many years a folk-singer round the clubs, first with a couple of his brothers/cousins, known as the "Liverpool Fishermen", and later with Liz. Brian himself has now supplied all three verses of the song that he uses for his JacquesTown programme. - see "My Liverpool" in the CONTENTS section - and you can contact him only by snailmail at BBC Radio Merseyside.

who was a stalwart of Liverpool Barbershop, and a keen folk-singer, is now living in Spain, in Torrevieja.

was a major figure in the 60's folk scene, singing and writing some of the best-known tunes. Now living in London, he is still very keen on anything to do with the folk scene. He has the lyrics of his songs in "The Stan Kelly Songbook" in his web-site, at and includes many Liverpool "folk" songs, and for which he adds lots of information.
See near the foot of this page for a large section about Stan.

JOE CLARKE ; He writes (Sept o5) "Apart from 60 Country songs I have composed, I have allso wrote a few Liverpool songs, (Scottie Rd party,) (Burbo Bank) (Great Hommer St) (The Ocean Queen) I am at present in a court case against (The Maverics) I wrote the song (Dance The Night Away) It has grossed Four Million Dollers up to date, any how my web page Email me on


Here is (most of) an email which I received via Stan Kelly-Bootle. need to email us. click here to email Jan & Ken
Jan and Ken Lardner click here to email Jan & Ken

Probably best known as the writer of "Double-thick Marmalade Butty" and "Making Wellies all day", Frank was well-known and respected in Merseyside folk circles. His daughter Sarah has provided the words as used in these pages, and Billy Maher sang many of Frank's songs. Gary du Rose writes;Frank Lewis was my teacher in Primary School, and was from Liverpool. Around 1982 -85 and he would get his guitar out and sing it to us. The last I heard of him he was living in Birkenhead, if there is anything else I might know about him please ask. He also wrote a song called "I'm a Great Man"all about him running for the bus as a teenager on his way to work."

Tony Lamb tells us; "Frank was an old school pal of mine and these songs were actually written for our folk group called "The Keyroes" at Christ's College of Education (now Liverpool Hope University) training to be teachers from 1964-7 and when we were performing in the 1960's and 70's.His songs were obviously very popular wherever we went - including a summer stint at the Great Southern Hotel in Killarney and a tour of the Austrian Tyrol based in Innsbruck!!
We are putting together a CD version of an original tape from the late 60's, just for our own nostalgic/family reasons, and in memory of Charlie O'Reilly, another Keyroe, and we have included our original recording songs including Frank's two, with some notes on the "Keyroes" for the front inside cover.
Charlie was a brilliant musician who sang solo after we finished in 1972, but tragically he died just a few years later. at a much too early an age. Malcolm Shellard was another member of the group, and is now in Lytham St Annes

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PAGE FOR FOLK CLUBS?? In May 06 John Rouse wrote;"Just been looking at your Folk Song pages (thanks to a link from Mudcat Forum).

My girlfriend (later my wife, and now alas deceased) and I used to go to several Folk Clubs in Liverpool in the early 1970s. The three I remember were Atlantic House on Hardman Street, The Dolphin, which started in an hotel near St George's Hall, and then moved to somewhere above the Fire Station in Canning Place, and the Polytechnic Folk Club which was accessed across a bit of waste ground off Tithebarn Street.

This snippet does not fit neatly into any of my current pages. So I think "Singers" page will have to become "Singers and Folk Clubs" page until we see how it develops.

THE STAN KELLY SONGBOOK, available from his site, includes;
The Banks of the Condamine The celebrated football fan Comeallye and gobackagain Four pounds a day Graduation day I wish I was back in Liverpool Johnny Todd Kelly the boy from Killanne < Kelly's prayer Last night we had a do The leaving of Liverpool Liverpool lullaby < Lord Franklin My old Mark Two O'Reilly's coconut-coloured daughter The praties The quality of Mersey Repetitive love letter > A soldier's life is sad Space shanty Tide come all ye The topman and the afterguard
William Brown

SOME COMMENTS FROM STAN KELLY, STAN KELLY'S own PAGE and email him from there.(Keep trying; he's getting his current email address put in, soon, honest.)

He writes;
"Tony Murphy wrote the Orange & Green parody. Does anyone have cntact info forTony?
Glyn Hughes wrote Seth Davey. I was dere at de time, like. He died very young
Some confusion re-venues: I certainly sang with the Spinners etc below Sampson & Barlow's Grill, London Rd -- this was a regular venue for the early Spinners -- BUT the WashHouse club was held elsewhere, at least when I was guest -- it was run by the great Jacquie & Bridie -- Jacquie (from Bradford!) especially had close connections with the Spinners, in fact she was part of the group until J&B were formed. Old joke at the time: the only TRUE scouser in the Spinners was Cliff, the West Indian ;=)
Final toot: I'm alas the last surviving co-author of LERN YERSELF SCOUSE (Volume 1 first ed. 1966 and STILL in print from Scouse Press). Frank Shaw died some years ago and Fritz Spiegl passed away recently.

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