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A number of WRITERS have contacted me, said nice things about my page, and asked for a mention of their works. No problem, except that everything is getting bigger, and I have now decided to give these Writers this page of their own, and keep the Lyrics page just for lyrics.

NEWS! John Haines (Josh Rogan) is now dealing with poems set to music, which he calls VidEEBooks.

The first poem is called 'The Ballad of Old Windrush Cave' and is a 37 minute many-stanza'd affair, a story of love and piracy in 18th Century Devon ( and beyond. ) If you have a little time spare, sit back and have a read and a listen.

The link is:


I have made a CD of myself singing many of these lyrics, - Billy Butler played a couple of tracks on BBC Radio Merseyside in July and September 2005.

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It has been produced at the instigation of a scouser in Spain who saw the page, was happily reminded of the lyrics, and just wished he could now learn to sing them! So, you have the words here; would you like to hear the tunes as well?

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This original page has grown so much, it is bursting at the seams, and I am now getting as much info about the singers/ writers as about the songs themselves. So I am now planning to move some elements to their own related pages on this site, leaving just the songs here. Please follow these links to a
SINGERS' PAGE ; to hold information about the various singers and writers of Liverpool folk-songs, so that such information as comes my way will be made available, and to
a page about STAN JARDINE and his songs.
Some items may prove to be inseparable from their composer, but I'll be giving it a try. Anybody got any suggestions of people to be included on theSINGERS' PAGE?
Anybody got some information, data, or appreciations that they feel should be available on internet?


JOHN HAINES, writing as "JOSH ROGAN",a Liverpool Writer, whose works are not restricted to Merseyside matters. To visit the John Haines / Josh Rogan site, it's at . Click here for The skipper's lament, a Liverpool song by "Josh Rogan."

From December 2006; John has been selling a re-print of that famous Liverpool Tale, "Her Benny," through his listing. Or email him at

Liverpool Tales from "the Mersey Mouth."

ISBN 1-903953-74-7 9.95

John Williams' marvellous collection of stories from the 'pool of life.' A book which will delight not only the author's fellow Liverpudlians but also readers from anywhere in the world who enjoy good writing and good humour.

FRANK MASON. John Emmerson writes "We published a book written by a Garston man called 'Over the Top from Under the Bridge' in 1990 and still have copies available at 3.50. The author, Frank Mason, died some years ago. He was a great character The book has lots of snippets about life in Garston but it is basically the stories of 10 men who came from a very poor area of Garston and who rose to greater things. Men such as Jack Jones the well-known union leader. The book can be obtained from our e-commerce website along with a wide range of other titles about Merseyside.

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"The Marmalade Tom with only one eye" This query is now very complete. Gene Stevenson kindly provided a set of words which he felt were incomplete. Chris Jones from Arizona confirms it was recited - at mich greater length - by Brian Jacques.(I have written to him via Radio Merseyside but had no reply as of Aug 2007; he is well retired by now, and seems to have dropped off the radar.).

The good news (July 2007) is that I have been given the missing lines by John Tetlow, who also confirms the Jacques family connection. He writes;"I had the privilege to see and hear "The Marmalade Tom" being performed! It was at the PEZ ESPADA club in Liverpool (off Dale Street) and was written and performed by the LIVERPOOL FISHERMEN - a well-known Liverpool folk group, who included among their personnel, the Jacques brothers, and one Brian Jacques!"
Chris Jones (of Arizona) tells us about hearing it in the folk club run by Brian Jaques in about 76/7 in Bold St. - maybe some kind of Catholic club - one night a week."I have heard Brian read The Marmalade Tom a few times and many other of his monologues. It is a lot longer than what you have there, it used to take at least 10 mins. to read. The other famous one he did at that time was how Chester became a port before Liverpool, that was hilarious too.The gist of it was that the Romans landed at Gladstone dock and the dockers told them to eff off because they didn't have Blue Union cards, so they went to Chester. Only Brian could write like that. I left the UK in 1982 and I miss the folk scene as it was then."

The absolute king of our jigger is a cat, Believe you me
. his feats in battle are equalled only by his sexual capacity.
Ruler of the upper and lower jowlers, and lord of the toilet wall
Is the marmalade tom, who has only one eye, and his father came from Bengal.

Terror of pigeon-loft owners, and slayer of Alsatian dogs
And many a stricken rival Tom, breathed his last on the roof of our bogs
On top of the old air-raid shelter, countless young feminine felines
Have succumbed to the charms of the Marmalade Tom
Or got laid amid protesting whines

There's many an old dear with a Siamese puss, of faultless pedigree,
All fed on fish liver, fresh salmon and milky tea.
Have gone all wobbly at the knees, as if by a stroke been smitten,
When her darling pet gave birth on the couch, to a litter of marmalade kitten.

A rag-tatter with his hand-cart one day up our entry drags,
Blissfully unaware of the danger, the poor fool starts shouting "Rags"
The marmalade tom from his siesta, on a bin in the middle yard,
Hears the challenge to his authority, from the erstwhile tatty bard.
So giving full throat to his war cry, he clears the back door at a bound,
And leaves the tatter for dead 'neath his hand cart,
stretched in his blood on the ground.
Muttering incoherently, his sanity nearly gone
"I've been savaged by a pride of lions!" Twas much worse, twas the Marmalade Tom!

A riot squad of policemen up the jigger snaked to arrest him,
The sergeant required major surgery, and two police dogs cashed their chips in.
Four constables, with lacerations, stuffed marmalade tom in cage,
And carted him off to the local vet, amid howls of terrible rage.

We never saw tom for a couple of weeks, the jigger was free of all fuss,
Till we saw an old dear with a saucer of milk
calling "Here, Tom! Milkies, Tom! Milkies, puss!"
No! it couldn't be! it was Tom, the killer,
with a bell round his neck and a fruity meow,
Purring and scraping round the silly old lady.
You never saw anything so bloody wet!
I wonder what they done to him, at the vet!!!

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