Stephen Morris original watercolours and Fine Art prints

"Echium over Porthmellon, St. Marys" by Stephen Morris
High Quality Giclee Print

personally produced IN HOUSE by Stephen Morris at Glandore Gallery

Full size print - image approximately nine and a half inches wide by twenty six and three quarter inches tall
Price: 40.00 (GBP 40)
Half size print - image approximately five and a half inches wide by fifteen and three quarter inches tall
Price: 20.00 (GBP 20)

Echium over Porthmellon, Isles of Scilly

Watercolour with some pastel.

Original painting
27 inches tall x 9 3/4 inches wide.

This was painted perched on the rocky wall overlooking Porthmellon down from the school in June 08. My friends Richard and Ann Farr live opposite and have cleared and planted the rough ground to enhance the view. I was very careful not to sit on anything important! The Echium is of the tree variety but is branched like a Bush Echium, Richard believes it to be a hybrid. It is a very public place and everyone who passed saw its progress.