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Magnentius (Two Victories)        AD 350 - 353    

Mary Mayes

Iron Age Ring Terrett  2000 BC to AD100      


Charlie Wilden.

Pottery ware Spindle Whorle.  Roman or Medieval.        

Don Sherratt.


Henry III  Short Cross Penny 1217 - 1242. David Hutton.


Roman T Brooch AD 80 - 150.


Mary Mayes.

Later Bronze Age Flint Scraper,  

David Hutton.


Charles I  Sixpence      1639 1640.  mm Triangle       

David Hutton.

Plain Medieval Strapend.       

Mary Mayes.

 Roman Severn Valley Ware Pottery Sherd.           

Mary Mayes.


Roman Constantine I   AD 330 -350        

Mary Mayes.

Book Clasp 15th to 17th century.  

David Mayes


Neolithic Flint             

Mary Mayes


Charles I Shilling.

1643 / 1644. mm (P) Tower mint

Lee Christi.

Civil War lead Powder Measure c1643.          

David Hutton.

Small Fossil with drilled hole. 

David Hutton.

No photo