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FINDS Sept and Oct 2006  

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Roman Denarius Septimus Severus          AD 193 - 211

Mary Mayes

Viking Stirrup Mount 11th century.

Tim Denning

Mesolithic rejuvenated flint tool. c8000 BC

Donald Sherratt


Roman coin Licinius          AD 308 - 324

Mary Mayes

Seal Matrix with Star of David intaglio. 13th / 14th century.

Gerald Proctor

Bronze Age Flint Scraper      c2000 BC

David Hutton


Edward III   Half Penny         1327 - 1377  Donald Sherratt


Roman Bow Brooch

Tony Gibbons

No photo

Later Neolithic Flint Thumbnail Scraper              c 3000 BC

Donald Sherratt


Roman Constantine I Sol holding Globe. AD 307 - 337

David Hutton

Annular Buckle 14th century.

Donald Sherratt


Later Mesolithic Flint Tool.      Re-used in Bronze Age.

Philip Riches

No photo

Edward III Penny         1327 - 1337

Gerald Proctor

Very large iron Key.                    9 inches length  17th / 18th century

David Hutton

See below

Actual size

Roman 3rd century Slipware pottery.

David Hutton