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Maximianus AD 286 - 305.

Constantine I   AD 307 - 337. Constantine I AD 330 - 335

Antoninianus of Maximianus with letters MLXXI.  This coin was minted AD 287 to 293. Reverse: Pax holding olive branch and sceptre - the symbols of peace.



Commemorative coin dated AD 330. Helmeted bust of Roma (Goddess of Rome) wearing Imperial mantle. Reverse: She wolf suckling Romulus and Remus. London mint.



Helmeted bust of Constanopolis commemorating the foundation of Constantinople. Reverse: Victory holding on sceptre and leaning on shield.


Constantius II AD 324 - 337 Constantine II AD 337 - 340 Magnus Maximus A.D. 383 - 388

AE3 of Constantius II the second son of Constantine and Fausta.

Reverse: Two soldiers either side of one standard.


Constantine II Eldest son of Constantine I and Fausta 
Reverse - Two soldiers standing either side of standard.



Silver siliqua. Roma seated holding globe and spear.

Magnus Maximus  served under Gratian. In AD 383 he was proclaimed emperor  and ruled Britain, Gaul, Spain and Africa. He was executed in AD 388.

Constantine II AD 317 - 337 Constans AD 346 - 350.

Constantius II AD 337 - 361

 AE 3/4 of Constantine II  (eldest son of Constantine I and Fausta)

Reverse: Two soldiers standing either side of two standards.


Constans (youngest son of Constantine I) Centenionalis. Reverse: Virtus leading young barbarian from hut beneath tree. Coin contains 1.5% silver. Lugdunum mint.



He was the second son of Constantine I. This coin dates AD 348 - 354. Reverse: Constantius standing holding labarum with two captives at feet. Trier mint.




Allectus AD 293 - 296

Postumus AD 259 - 268

Constantine1 AD 330 - 335

Allectus AD 293 - 296

AE Antoninianus

Camolodunum mint

Laetitia standing holding wreath and anchor




Postumus AD 259 - 268  Antoninianus



Laetitia & Galley - Lugdunum mint




Constantine I AE 3/4 bust of  Constantinopolis wearing Imperial mantle

Issue commemmorating the foundation of Constantinople. AD 330 - AD 335.




Decentius AD 352 - 353


Decentius AD 351 - 353

Ae double centenionalis

Christogram between A and w





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