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4 oz Trade Weight Charles I or II. Stamped with Ewer  of The Founder Co, London and the  Sword of St Paul Royal Cypher.


Tudor  2oz Trade Weight. Stamped with crown and Lombardic letter  h.


Portuguese coin weight of Johannes series for 36 shillings. marked  S36  9*5 Whitworth, Birmingham                    Tibberton.

2 George II halfpennies (1727 - 1760) made into weights by hammering edges and stamping with crown. A common but illegal practice at that time.


Portuguese coin weight for 27 shillings  1760 - 1770's


oz Trade Weight with crown over letter C of Charles I or II period stamped T.M. and two portcullis. (Issued at Westminster)             Taynton.

Guinea Coin Weight.

Metal box lid - 1862 Exhibition and picture of Crystal Palace.



Strapend with Kitemark that is dated 1872.


Toy Petronel 17th century.             A dangerous toy that would actually fire a small missile


Key in form of a coiled snake swallowing prey. Date uncertain.


16th to 18th century 'Keyhole' Horseshoe used mainly on draught horses.



Queen Victoria Florin 1878.

Letters on coin:  mdccclxxviii.


19th century Watch Key.  Hopwood Gloucester.  Reverse: Watchmaker & Jeweller.              Taynton.

19th century Watch Key       F. Kilbey. Winchcombe  St Cheltenham. Taynton.

Gilded copper alloy  18th century watch key with shell pattern.


16th/17th century  'Guildhall' Horse Shoe found at site of Civil War skirmish 1643. Taynton.


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