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Lead soldier.



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18th century Jaws Harp (also called Jews Harp) A small musical instrument. It would have had thin metal strip attached to it, but they are very seldom unearthed with the strip intact.



Love Tokens made from sixpences of William III 1694 - 1702. A romantic custom at that time was to bend a coin into a z shape and present it your sweetheart. The origin of the crooked sixpence nursery rhyme perhaps!


James I Farthing 1620/21.

Mint mark - Rose.




17th century Harness mount.

Two lugs on reverse with some leather still attached.



Philip and Mary Sixpence 1594

(Much enlarged photo for clarity)


Victoria Farthing 1881 with H mint mark below date .Struck by Ralph Heaton & Sons, Birmingham.



16th century silver  Dress Pin with ornate gilded spherical head.


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