Pics of Daniela that are copyrighted

Pics taken of Daniela taken by Hans-Heinz Wehr

Hans-Heinz is a ladies tennis photographer living in Berlin, Germany. He sells tennis photographs and can be contacted at: by anyone interested in purchasing.

Hans-Heinz knows Daniela! He must know her well. As can be seen from her relaxed poses in these awesome photographs! Hans has photographed Daniela at many tournaments over the past few years.

On behalf of and Daniela's fans the world over:

Thank You Hans-Heinz for allowing us to show your brilliant pictures!

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Berlin 2002

Page Two
Berlin 2002

Page Three
Eastbourne 2001

Page Four
Birmingham 1999, Strasbourg 2000 and Eastbourne 2001

Page Five
Eastbourne 2001 and Leipzig 2001

Page Six
Eastbourne 2001