Does anyone remember the time when we went to the Forestry Commissions' woodlands at Low Dalby near Pickering ?x It must have been about March 1969, a brilliantly sunny day for the time of year I recall and extremely warm on the coach which was one of those modern (at that time) twin front wheel steer jobs (God knows how we got this as normally it was practically a scrapper they'd send!) it had no opening windows, instead it had sort of a directional tube protruding from the luggage rack above each passenger seat, a kind of primative air conditioning I suppose also a personal reading light, naturally we were in bother almost straight away for messing with these "toys" we'd only got 50yds before the mandatory clips round the ear'ole were dished out and threats of being made to walk back to school to do maths all day were issued !x
Anyway on arrival we were taken for a tour of the woods etc, and then to do a bit of tree planting, a Scot's pine I think it was, often wondered if it survived to maturity,still if it did - it must have been felled by now as it's 30 odd years ago !.....


It's not often we were allowed off the school premises and taken on trips out, but I do recall there were a few occasions when we managed the odd excursion:-