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Left to right Steve Martin ,Alan Chapman,Rob Welburn,Eric Welburn, Derek Whitehead + Mel Anderson

Unfortunately the organiser Nick Barr was unable to attend because of illness( Bells palsy- imflamation of the muscles of the face -very painful ) we jokingly concluded this was because of an old GST injury......... caused by a teacher thrown blackboard rubber!

Anyway 9 of us turned up Steve Martin, Alan Chapman, Rob Welburn, Eric Welburn, Derek Whitehead, Mel Anderson +Steve Smith plus Rocky Rowe (fleetingly) who runs the place, it seems there would have been more attending but because of some confusion (Rocky thought it was cancelled). Apparently a couple of people had phoned him up so he had obviously told them it wouldn't be happening oh well.....

Strange even though you know time moves on it's still a bit of a shock to be confronted by a group of middle aged men who were once your schoolboy friends/classmates I'm afraid I didn't recognise anyone to begin with as they didn't me, but as it was about 8 o'clock when I got there + they were the only OLD buggers* in the place I spotted "the group" straight away, if any one else did turn up much later and you failed to find us sorry, as it did become quite busy.

*This doesn't apply to Steve Martin who came in a little later + looks about 25 !

Left to right

Bob Delaney .Steve Martin ,Alan Chapman,Rob Welburn,Eric Welburn Derek Whitehead + Mel Anderson

It's impossible to put down on paper all that was said - just normal things that are discussed on such occasions "remember when " + "whatever happened to" etc my 21/2 hours there passing in what seemed ten minutes! I think most thought it wasn't a bad night I though believe in future it may be better to have a private room( no problem says Rocky but to be fair to him I think we would need a lot more there) as I for one found it difficult to hear what was being said over the pub noise + the disco in the next room.

We really need to find more "old boys " to make the planned reunion next year worthwhile but as the word gets about particularly in and around Scarborough I'm sure the numbers who want to attend will increase.... pass the word.......