The last winter I was at school I was asked by Mr.Herbert to replace the rope ladder in the gym.it was a good skive but I finished the ladder and by all accounts it was still in use when the school was closed.so it lasted from 1962 until the school closed.....that was one of the perks of being Herbert's pet!!!

Wilf joined a selected few who were chosen to spend a couple of weeks "holiday" aboard the :-


Link to Wilf's 1963 Speech Day booklet

Ernie Lee

How many of us remember the caretaker Mr. Ernie Lee? He was a gentleman amongst us.he and Mrs Scales gave lunch time a new meaning.I for my sins was one of Ernies favourites,this was due to the fact that he and my grandfather attended the school at the same time.I have many memories of Ernie and how he looked after me.The best thing I remember is getting fresh buns from his wifes shop at the end of Longwestgate.dreams made in heaven.I am sure a lot of the older lads will remember him he was firm but fair,a better man you would want to meet...... Wilf Taylor