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Satellit 650 - 1986-1991

This particular radio was obtained via Ebay in March 2003 from Belfast, Northern Ireland, and at less than £100, it was a bargain! It needed some work, but nothing serious, the telescopic antenna was missing, but the one fitted to the Satellit 800 is identical, and available from Lextronix for $25 plus shipping, so that was easily fixed. The bulbs had all blown except for the tuning meter bulb, but I replaced it too while doing the others, as the old one looked tired anyway. Some switch cleaner on the tweeter switch and the volume control improved matters there, as the tweeter switch was intermittent, and the volume was very "scratchy", it is now nearly perfect. A crack in the upper left corner of the front half of the case was repaired with epoxy resin, and the tuning meter adjusted so strong stations went past half-way on the scale!
2 versions of this set were made: The international version featured here, with SW coverage of 1600-30000 kHz, and the professional version with reduced coverage to meet the then-current German regulations, SW on that model being 1600-26100.
The predecessor to this set, the 600, was all but identical, and was introduced in 1983. Changes from that model were minor, so if you have a 600, you're not missing out on much, bar the coverage, as all 600's were Professionals, with the restricted SW coverage.
The Satellit 400, also introduced in 1986, bore a resemblance to the 300, just as the 650 did to the 600, but while the 650 didn't have much new except the colour scheme, the 400 was a big change from the 300. The 400 did have the new colour scheme however, and matched the 650 in it's appearance. See below:
Later 650's reverted to black, (as used on the 600), when the 500 appeared in black. So the colour dates this particular radio as a 1986/87 model, and the serial number suggests that it is a late 1986 radio.
It's a matter of personal preference of course, but I think I prefer this colour, called Gemini-Grey. The fact that grundig reverted to black on later models suggests I'm in the minority.


Styling: Country of manufacture: Portugal.

Size: 242mm high x 504mm wide x 202mm deep (including handles).

Weight (excluding batteries): 8.5 kg.

Power supply:

Battery meter: Tuning method: Digital PLL synthesizer, with analogue pre-selector.

Tuning options:

Wavebands: IF's: Station memories: Yes; Tuning meter: Yes, doubles as battery meter.

Local/DX switch: No.

Aerials: Ferrite rod for LW & MW, Telescopic for FM & SW.

Dial illumination: Yes:

Mono selector: No, (no stereo)


Output power: Speaker: 4 inch dia. "broadband" (bass/midrange) and 1.9 inch dia. tweeter (switchable)

Tone control: Bass, Treble.


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