Audio production

Any good film maker will tell you that the soundtrack is the primary emotive force, which cues your audience into the emotions portrayed on screen. As an avid musician myself, I have spent many hours recording, engineering, and mixing audio tracks for a variety of projects and often compose and perform the music myself. A flexible mobile recording studio allows me to record elements from source which gives the production an authenticity lost by many producers who simply reach for the sound effects library and build a generic soundtrack we have all heard a thousand times before. This selection of examples includes samples from our Spendlow's York audio history and storytelling C.D's, radio presentations, and music soundtracks.

Please click on the titles to hear the audio samples.

Adrian Spendlow reads some of his original poetry, band introductions, a ghost story from his radio show, and clips from a history, and two mythology audiobooks.

4 separate music soundtracks, and a suite from the Taurid progenitor short film.

A state of grace
A history of York Minster (pt1)
The taurid progenitor

Next is a selection of videos which are music orientated. The first is about a famous arsonist who hated organs, and burned down most of York Minster, so naturally I have written him an organ piece, please be careful not to get boiling lead on your clothes.

The second is a relaxation video which features the music of Jim Nield.

The third is a dramatised music video for a band who were not able to perform the track on camera, and the fourth is a live music video for a band that could.

Many more music videos will appear on my online music channel over the coming months please look for channelgsm on Youtube and please contact me if you would like
to be on it too!


If you're looking for affordable location recording, voiceovers, soundtracks, 16 track mobile studio, free online consultations and fees from only £10 per hour, you came to the right place.

Half hour multi camera event or live music video with 5min documentary feature. £320 + travel
Including 20 (retail ready) D.V.D's with covers with on body print and 2 chapter/track submission to Youtube.

Event videos from £150 + travel. Including D.V.D. and Youtube submission.

*Special offer* PROMO.PACK. Short documentary, or single music video and interview + Photo session. £120 + travel. Includes 10 D.V.D's, with clamshell cases, cover prints, 20 photo prints and Youtube submission.

Music videos from £80 + travel. Including 5 D.V.D's and Youtube submission.

Talent competition submission video (single track) £60 + travel, and venue hire if necessary. (backing tracks from £30) Includes audio recording, video, and photography. 3 copies of the best take on C.D. + 3 copies on D.V.D. and 6 printed photographs.

D.V.D. copies at competitive prices.
£1.50 per disc including on body print.
£2.50 per disc including on body print, booklet, clamshell case and jacket print.
(Postage and packaging charged at cost)

Artwork, photography, and graphic design also supplied.
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