Graphic Design

Graphic design services include layouts, logo's and custom fonts, posters, flyers, tags, slips, stationery and business cards. I have tried to include some variation in the examples given, as well as some of the contiguous designs which reinforce the clients brand image.

Effective designs for packaging, such as disks, covers, and inserts often contain an intriguing message which heightens the appeal of the product and can increase the amount of time a potential buyer will keep the item in their hand. The packaging design of certain products such as music C.D's goes a long way to developing the customers relationship with the music and the musicians. My ability to mold the concept at every stage gives me a unique advantage over a design team who need to communicate their ideas between themselves effectively in order to keep the design on track. Design specific photography is one area where a significant cost saving can be made in this respect. The design can carry on into the marketing stage with advertising design and video production, which includes free submission to the GSM on-line music channel.
See the video and audio sections for more details.

This A4 design for the York 50+ festival programme took around 6 hours and was produced over 2 days using text supplied by the host, Adrian Spendlow, and images from the participants websites which were doctored to fit the format. the organisers also used the front page (far right) as a flyer and a poster which saved time and money.
50+ festival flyer design inner 50+ festival flyer design outer
This is a selection of C.D. covers which were produced for solo free jazz pianist David Ives. The first features a piano shaped mountain produced using a 3d modelling program, the next is after Pam Coulter Blehert, 3rd is a Roman coin design with the bust of Caligula and 4th is a Vanilla Orchid.
piano mountain cd cover design caribbean mountain cd cover design caligula david ives cd design viennese vanilla david ives cd design
These are part of a series of posters, signs, flyers and postcards which were designed to introduce a graphic identity or brand image to the Roman Bath Museum in York. Repeating elements of the design makes subsequent orders quicker and cheaper.
Roman bath entrance design roman bath poster design roman bath orb postcard design roman bath post card design welcome to Roman York roman bath flyer

Letterhead with
'Three sandals' logo
and personalised business card (inset) designs for the Roman Bath museumMuseum.

A postcard design based on an an excerpt from original Roman notice of complaint about a bathouse, from the moral epistles.

roman bath stationery roman bathouse postcard  

Logo, brand image, letterhead and video caption designs for Restless Productions.

Next, a video title page design for Urban Rock Chique which includes custom fonts.

restless productions logo etc urban rock chique logo
Poster and business card from a series of designs for a golf trolley engineer which included a website, flyers stationery etc. The idea was to use design cues which were reminiscent of an era when people valued quality engineering. The wording and fonts were inspired by adverts from the 30's when neon was king.
Dave lawty poster design dave lawty business card design
More poster designs, the first 2 specifically feature the product so that the customer can easily identify it in a shop, the 3rd says more about the content. E.C.H. had a clear idea about how they wanted to promote their fireworks, the 4th was for point-of-sale promotion of a D.V.D.
york in view cd poster design york ion view single poster design Viking festival dvd poster design fireworks party advert daviv ives improvisations poster design spendlows york flyer

D.V.D. cover art, the first 2 were adapted from images taken from the footage using filters to disguise the limitations of the available image. The 2nd was extended to provide room for the text. The 3rd is a distinctive diamond wedding video cover.

spendlow dvd cover art roland bolan live dvd cover design diamond wedding dvd design

It was clear at the beginning that Helen M Sant required designs that were closely synchronised with the persona of Gothic Molly that she had created. Fortunately Helen is an accomplished writer, storyteller and actress, and is a pleasure to work with.
We started by producing photographs of the character and her partner, ably played by the infamous Adrian Spendlow, who joins her in their quest to root out the most chilling ghost stories imaginable.

The Gothic Molly brand incorporates flyers and posters as well as a website and video performances which are all featured in the appropriate sections of this site, Please use the navigation links above to access these, and if you are in York on a Friday night, and are not of a nervous disposition the tours are a hoot.

Still here?
..want to know more? or see better quality samples (obviously these are smaller and compressed versions) ...drop me a line using the details on my contact page and I will get back to you asap.

golden lion ghost walk flyer design gothic molly ghost walk flyer design

These last two were designed using existing images. My first poster for York storyteller, Adrian Spendlow, and a card design for the Festival of Angels, which features some amazing ice sculptures. I was trying to make a greetings card using gothic design cues from the Victorian era, perhaps something that Pugin would have sent his mother.

Don't forget to look for gsmithmedia on youtube where I will be posting short films about this and other festivals during 2009. Best Wishes, G.

adrian spendlow storytelling poster festival of angels card design

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