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Commissioning a website can be a daunting task, even for the web savvy company. Many organisations have had bad experiences in the past with sites that have not lived up to the designers promises, mainly because the core goals have not been clearly defined. I encourage all my customers to start by asking their clients about the service they receive, how it could be improved, and what they would like to see on the website, as its easier to keep an existing customer than get a new one. This process usually leads the customer to define their core business and therefore a focus to their web presence, a website is only effective after all if it can be backed up by service and customers can find it ( I am constantly surprised by the number of business cards which don't mention their website ). My approach leans towards image and sound rich environments but sometimes a purely information based design fits the bill.

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This website was designed to support a live event co-ordinator and performer who wanted to create a chilling and mysterious atmosphere. The primary purpose was to market ghost walks and other events but the content goes beyond this, introducing the guides to the prospective audience, and offering ghost stories, useful links, and even games, all helps to get the customer in the mood for a fun night out.
We knew that image was going to be an important factor in setting the scene, and a photoshoot at the beginning of the design process gave us plenty of material to work with. If you would like to visit the site please click on the picture to the right.
Some of the images can also be seen in the photography section by clicking the appropriate links in the navigation pane above.

By contrast, is a traditional information rich website. Designed to deliver accurate, concise, useful, appropriate information to festival visitors. Unlike, all the files are compressed and cropped for utility value only, which results in a website which is fast enough to access on the move, via mobile phone.
The information was organised in a way that the user will quickly get to grips with. statistics show that a website which delivers the goods will be used again and again, This year i will be extending the format to cover more events in the York area. If you would like to visit the site please click on the picture to the right .

The costings on the right are given as a guide, if you can find a website which closely resembles the site you would like, then count the pages and add on hosting fees, this will give you a rough estimate of the total ammount that a similar site would cost to put online. The fees per hour are for the preparation of content, so the more you can provide, the more you save. If you are copying information, please ensure that you have permission to do so. If you are a retailer, your suppliers will often provide you with product descriptions which you can freely use. If you would like more information about these, and other services such as photography and video production, please use the information on the contact page to get in touch - even if you are not sure which way to go with it, I can help you make a start.

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Hosting, domain registration, google submission from £30
This is the equivalent of yearly rent and rates

Website design from £10 per page
This is for existing information provided by you, from brochures etc

Production of new material £10 per hour
Sometimes there is nothing to draw on when describing your product or service, I can write and edit material to fill these gaps and also call on the talents of professional writers and presenters to ensure a quality presentation

Site update and google submission from £10
I try to make it as cost effective as possible to keep your site up-to-date

Photography packages from £40
Products, people, even shots of your stock room help to reassure customers that they are dealing with professionals.

Video productions from £60
The fastest growing and possibly the most effective form of communication on the internet. From 'meet the expert' programmes to T.V. Style 'viral' adverts you can reach a wider audience than ever before.