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Welcome to the Hardencroft Observatory homepage. This site is an on-going project so keep dropping by to see what's new.

Me and my scope...

My main instrument is a 8" dob from Meade. The latest modification I've made is the addition of a computer controlled motor drive. A DobDriverII, to be precise, from Tech2000. I now have a dob capable of tracking pretty much anything! For more pictures and info click here.

I am situated in a rural location just south of Selby, U.K., which fortunately suffers from very little light pollution.My main instrument is a Meade 8" dobsonian telescope, and has provided me with many hours of enjoyment. The purpose of this site is to show just what can be seen through a small-medium size scope, typical of the type most amateurs use. On this site you will find drawings, descriptions and images of many deepsky objects plus my observations of several comets and the planets. Also on this site you will find a number of articles which you may(or may not!) find interesting, along with a few links to some of my favourite astronomy sites.

Have a browse through the links above, and if you fancy swapping observations, have any questions about astronomy, comments about this site or just want to chat then feel free to e-mail me at :-

Clear skies - Andrew Leighton

They haven't been on the news much lately but exploration rovers 'Spirit' and 'Oppurtunity are still going strong on the surface of Mars. Follow the twin missions and get the latest updates HERE

The use of filters on deep sky objects such as planetary and emission nebulae can reveal a wealth of hidden detail. Check out this review of the Lumicon OIII filter.

Variable stars are some the most fascinating objects on show in the night sky. Well, I think so anyway! For those of you not familiar with this branch of astronomy why not have a look at this Beginners Guide to Variable Stars.

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