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This site stems from the Hawkwind fanzine circulated around the globe in the 1990's.
Hawkwind were a big part of my teens, catching them whenever I could on their
theatrical tours and at free festivals across Britain during the 1980's, where some of
that free festival musical mayhem was witnessed by thousands in the open air.

I still believe Hawkwind are more than just a street-level space rock band.
In some perculiar way, Hawkwind is a way of life – their tentacles
spreading far and wide and rooting deep within the make-up of human
conciousness. Seeing them live awakens something raw from within, filling
your mind with anarchic & surreal images and thoughts that on
reflection, are not that strange after all.

In the meantime folks – Question the nature of your orders.
Think for yourself. Stick your oar in and enjoy what's here.


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comments, suggestions or information

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Keep the spirit of the age flying ..... and remember

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