Hurry On Sundown
  Space Is Deep
  Born To Go
  Urban Guerilla
  You Shouldn't Do That
  Spirit Of The Age
  High Rise
  Ghost Dance
  Motorway City
  Shot Down In The Night
  Who's Gonna Win The War
  Dust Of Time
  Song Of The Swords
  Angels Of Death
  The Shade Gate
  Rocky Paths
  The Pulsing Cavern
  Master Of The Universe
  Dreaming City
  Needle Gun
  Horn Of Fate
  Damnation Alley
  Sword Of The East
  Wastelands Of Sleep
  Neon Skyline
  Lost Chronicles
  Black Elk Speaks
  Out Of The Shadows
  Back In The Box
  Lives Of Great Men
  Void Of Golden Light
  Silver Machine
  Compilation recorded live and in the studio
     between 1970 & 1990
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