Live At Canterbury Festival 2001

Canterbury Festival 2001 TRACKLIST
  5th Second Of Forever
  Spiral Galaxy
  Solitary Mind Games
  Angels Of Death
  Spirit Of The Age
  Dust Of Time
  Motorway City
  Hurry On Sundown
  Assassins Of Allah
  Silver Machine
  Arthur's Poem
  Assault And Battery
  Void Of Golden Light

  Herne Hill, Mount Ephraim Gardens, Music Festival – 18th August 2001

  Dave Brock:  vocals, guitar, keyboards, synths
  Simon House:  keyboards, violin
  Keith Kniveton:  synthesisers
  Alan Davey:  vocals, bass guitar
  Richard Chadwick:  drums
  Huw Lloyd Langton:  lead guitar, vocals
  Arthur Brown:  vocals (track 12 & 13 only)

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