Hawkfest 2002

Hawkfest 2002 TRACKLIST
  Night Of The Hawks
  Evenstar – Cloud City (by Proteus)
  I Have No Life (by Tribe Of Cro)
  Firedragons (by Spacehead)
  Uncle Sam's On Mars (by Astralasia)
  Kansas City Blues (by Jezz Huggett's Band Of Gold)
  Miss Bigfish (by Bruise)
  Intro (by Connecting Routes)
  Mystery (by Mr Quimby's Beard)
  LSD (by Bedouin)
  Invader (by Litmus)
  Culver City (by Huw Lloyd Langton)
  Hurry On Sundown (by One Eyed Bishops)

  Seaton, Three Horseshoes Farm, Hawkwind Festival – 20th July 2002

  Dave Brock:  guitar, synths, vocals
  Alan Davey:  bass guitar, synths, vocals
  Richard Chadwick:  drums
  Huw Lloyd Langton:  lead guitar, vocals
  Tim Blake:  synthesisers
  Simon House:  violin
  Keith Kniveton:  electronics

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