Spacebrock TRACKLIST
  Life Form
  Some People Never Die
  Earth Breath
  You Burn Me Up
  The Right Way
  Sex Dreams
  To Be Or Not
  Earth Calling
  The Starkness Of The Capsule
  Behind The Face
  Space Brock
  Space Pilots
  1st Landing
  The Journey
  Do You Want This Body

  Track 1 at Week Park Farm, Devon – 1978
  Track 2 at Rockfield Studios, Monmouth – December 1981 to February 1982
  Tracks 3 – 17 at Earth Studios, Barkalot Farm, Devon – 2000

  Dave Brock:  vocals, guitar, keyboards, synthesisers
  Crum:  keyboards (track 3 only)
  Richard Jackson:  sequence programmer (track 7 only)
  Richard Chadwick:  drums (tracks 3, 10 & 14 only)
  Martin Griffin:  drums (track 2 only)

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