Stonehenge 1984

Stonehenge 1984 Vid TRACKLIST
  One Man Rock'n'Roll Band (by Roy Harper)
  Commune (by Roy Harper)
  I Hate The White Man (by Roy Harper)
  Highway Blues (by Roy Harper)
  Ghost Dance
  Angels Of Death
  Watching The Grass Grow
  Social Alliance
  Sunrise (by The Enid)
  Song For Europe (by The Enid)
  Something Wicked This Way Comes (by The Enid)
  Wild Thing (by The Enid)

  Stonehenge Free Festival – 20th & 21st June 1984

  Dave Brock:  vocals, guitar, keyboards
  Harvey Bainbridge:  vocals, synthesisers
  Huw Lloyd Langton:  vocals, lead guitar
  Danny Thompson:  drums
  Nik Turner:  saxophone, flute, vocals
  Alan Davey:  bass guitar, vocals

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