Treworgey Tree Fayre 29.7.89

Treworgey Tree Fayre Video TRACKLIST
  Down Through The Night
  Time We Left This World Today
  Hassan I Sahba
  Assault And Battery
  The Golden Void
  Back In The Box
  Arrival In Utopia
  You Know You're Only Dreaming
  Damnation Alley
  Needle Gun
  Lost Chronicles

  Liskeard, Treworgey Tree Fayre – 29th July 1989

  Dave Brock:  vocals, guitar, keyboards
  Harvey Bainbridge:  vocals, keyboards
  Alan Davey:  vocals, bass guitar, keyboards
  Richard Chadwick:  drums
  Simon House:  violin
  Bridgett Wishart:  vocals
  Kris Tait:  fire
  Scouse:  fire

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