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As mentioned on the home page, this site was, unitentionally, a tangent from the Hawkeye fanzine of the 1990's.
Went online early in 1999, dividing spare time between the website and compiling the Hawkwind book (which I'm still doing whenever time permits, self financed). Also renovating an old Victorian house and running a business.

Surbiton 1986Anyhow, here are some photos of me just in case you are remotely interested.

Began listening to Hawkwind 1983 or 1984 at school, along with Gong, Here and Now, Motorhead, some metal bands and a load of reggae. First saw the band in the Summer of 1985 under the influence of Musty Rooms, or was that many rooms?
First tour was the Chronicle of the Black Sword opus at Hammersmith Odeon served by the famous number 72 bus from Tolworth.
Zarozinia was delightful, Masters was warp factor 999 and chaos reigned supreme. Dumpys Rusty Nuts supported, a regular live act around Kingston and SW London at the time.

Cambridge 1990Left school, went to Glastonbury, rumours of Hawkwind playing were sadly just rumours. Saw Ozrics playing from the back of a van up the Green Field, a spectacular thunder storm, Maradona hand of god, the Cure and naked people dancing round totem poles. Convoy tea, some whie lightning and then all too soon it was dawn.
Got into the festival scene. Many fine memories. Many unbelievable sights. Outrage.
If only mobile phones and computers were around then!!

Kingston 1992Since then, life has been interesting, ever an eye opener and aided along the way with Hawkwind more than seventy times. Managed to get to Germany and Holland in 1991 and USA in 1997. There and all over Britain I was lucky enough to meet some great fellow travellers, forging many friendships and regular contacts over the years.

Most memorable Hawkwind gigs. Well Hammersmith 1985 show for the breathtaking stage set. Hammersmith 1986 for real chaos and loss of time. All the gigs and festivals I got to during 1988. Treworgey 1989, where I knelt on the mixing desk out of the rain for the whole show and went to the other side of the universe. The Winter 1989 tour was also special. I also rather enjoyed Brixton in July 1991 for other reasons.

Bristol 1994I've been to most tours since 1985.
I enjoy what Hawkwind do, offer and project in my mind. They stimulate, engage, agitate, space me out and make me smile alot.
Sometimes they are superb, sometimes not. They make you dance, bop up and down or just transfix. They are Hawkwind and are unique.
I've never got too close to the band as that has been the way it turned out, which is fine with me.
Last saw Hawkwind in Salisbury in April 2004. Awesome lightshow!

I now live in the old part of Sunbury between Hampton Court and Walton by the River Thames. It's fairly near Feltham, Ashford, Shepperton, Laleham, all the Hamptons, Kingston, Staines and Heathrow airport.

This website intends to bring you a bundle of info, some stuff has been lifted before www dot existed, some stuff is completely original, and there's more factual stuff than I'm happy with (but someone had to do it).
Hawkeye on Hawkwind is for everyone and aims to provide fans with what was generally unavailable before it was here. There's other Hawkwind websites around that are always worth visiting and should you not like what is here or on the other sites then do one yourself.

London 2000

Navigation around this site should be straightforward. I'm not a website enthusiast, just learnt as I've gone along.
The site is updated as and when, or if I have something to add and have time to update and upload. A 17 inch or bigger monitor is preferable. As far as i know, this site looks as it should with Internet Explorer, Netscape or those less well known browsers.

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