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.....the origins (the late 1960's).

As a band, Hawkwind are pretty unique.
They have been assaulting their audiences senses for over thirty years now
with their own psychedelic space rock extravaganzas, while maintaining their
identity and largely sticking to their fundamental beliefs.

They formed in the Summer of 1969, rehearsed in a basement in Putney and made
their debut appearance at the 'All Saints Hall' in Notting Hill Gate,
South London on 29th August 1969. This debut airing consisted of:

Dave Brock  on guitar, harmonica and vocals
Nik Turner  on saxaphone
Mick Slattery  on lead guitar
John Harrison  on bass guitar
Terry Ollis  on drums
Dik Mik  on various electronic gadgets and audio generator.
Not even billed to play, they arrived on the scene, gate–crashed and
announced they would be first on. The band, who at this time never even had a name,
decided to call themselves 'Group X' and played a short ten–minute psychedelic jam.
We have lift off.....

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