Trevor Hughes has produced "Hawkfrendz" publications since the early 1980's,
together with dozens of newsletters that have provided a steady wealth of news and information to fans.

Hawkfrendz 1
September 1982
Hawkfrendz 2

Hawkfrendz 2
February 1983

Hawkfrendz 3
April 1984
Hawkfrendz 4

Hawkfrendz 4
February 1985

Hawkfan 5
November 1985

Robert Calvert 1945–1988: A Small Tribute
September 1988

Robert Calvert Tribute

Robert Calvert 1945–1988: Hawkfrendz Tribute
December 1988

Hawkwind Winter 1988: The Tour I Survived
February 1989

Born To Go: Hawkfamily Tribute To Bob
March 1989

The Book Of Xenon: Bob Walker's Early Work
April 1989

Year Of The Hawk

Hawkwind Summer '89: The Year Of The Hawk
June 1989

Robert Calvert: The Action Man Explains
August 1989
A Score Reflected

Hawkwind Autumn '89: A Score Reflected
September 1989

Stonehenge Solstice '89: The Suburban Guerilla Files
November 1989
The Mind Journey

Hawkwind Winter'89: The Mind Journey
December 1989

Assault & Battery

Hawkwind 1990: Assault And Battery
March 1990

Summer Solstice 1990: Stonehenge Decoded
May 1990
The Golden Void

Hawkwind 1970–1975: The Golden Void
July 1991

A Mini Scrap Book

Hawkwind 1990–1993: A Mini Scrap Book
November 1993

Ship Of Dreams

Hawkwind: Ship Of Dreams
September 1997

Hawkwind : Out Of The Shadows
December 2002

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